19 - 21 May

Jumbo Familie Racedagen


The Jumbo Racing Days, driven by Max Verstappen is a spectacular event at Circuit Park Zandvoort where the fans of Formula 1 and Max Verstappen come on pole position! Be prepared for a fantastic program where Max will give high speed demonstrations with a Red Bull Racing Formule One car on saturday and sunday. It's the only chance to see Max Verstappen driving his F1 car in the Netherlands!


More information about the program is now available via the links on this page. Additional information will be announced via the channels below. Follow us to stay updated!


At the Jumbo Racing Days the asphalt of Circuit Zandvoort wll be fully utilized by the following activities.

  • Formula 1 demonstrations Max Verstappen in Red Bull Racing F1 car
  • Special demonstrations
  • Races: BOSS GP Series
  • Races: Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Benelux
  • Races: TCR Benelux
  • Races: GT & Prototype Challenge powered by Hankook

More information to be announed at a later moment.. Subject to changes,

Time schedule


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Tickets information

Tickets for the Jumbo Racing Days driven by Max Verstappen are available in online pre-sale from € 25,00. These are day tickets that give access to the complete dune area and the special F1-Paddock. Access to the Main Grandstand is not included in this ticket. Children aged 5- 12 only pay € 12,50. Children under 5 years have free access. Weekend tickets for the F1-Paddock are available for just € 45,00. Children will also receive a 50% discount here.

F1-Paddock day ticket


€ 25,00

F1-Paddock day ticket


€ 12,50

F1-Paddock weekend ticket


€ 45,00

F1-Paddock weekend ticket


€ 22,50

Main Grandstand (incl. F1-Paddock) - SOLD OUT!
Also note that there is a limited amount of Main Grand Stand tickets available (online pre-sale only). These tickets also include access to the special Formula 1 Paddock and the dunes. Main Grand Stand tickets are sold for € 40,00 per day, or € 70,00 per weekend ticket. Children aged 5-12 years receive a 50% discount on these prices (€ 20,00 per day ticket, € 35,00 per weekend ticket). Children under 5 years visit the event for free, but cannot take a seat on the grand stand. Update: all Main Grandstand Tickets have been sold out (for saturday and sunday). It is still possible to buy F1 Paddock Tickets.

Grandstand day ticket (incl. F1-Paddock)


€ 40,00

Grandstand day ticket (incl. F1-Paddock)


€ 20,00

Grandstand weekend ticket (incl. F1-Paddock)


€ 70,00

Grandstand weekend ticket (incl. F1-Paddock)


€ 35,00

Order your tickets easy via the button Tickets.


Dune tickets will come available at a later time.


Further information about tickets and the program will be available via this website and our social media channels. Stay up to date and follow us via:

Ticket options (and overview table)

Are you planning on visiting the Jumbo Familie Racedagen driven by Max Verstappen, but aren’t sure about what ticket works for you? Please see the text below and consult the chart to see what ticket is the best fit for you.


Especially for the true enthusiasts, there are pre-sale tickets available giving access to the exclusive Formula 1-paddock. Here you will find the Red Bull Racing team, and have the opportunity to observe and photograph the F1 bolide up close. The BOSS GP series are also situated in the F1-paddock. It’s definitely a great experience to see old F1 bolides, A1GP cars and other GP2 cars from a short distance.

The Formula 1-Paddock ticket also gives you access to the roof of the pit building and a special stand overlooking the Hans Ernst Corner. (These are only accessible to visitors with a Formula 1-Paddock ticket.)
Buy your tickets here.

Scroll down for ticket overview chart.

Grandstand (including F1-Paddock)
For those who would like the ultimate view of the pit lane and demonstrations there are special grandstand tickets available. With this entry ticket, not only will you have access to the Formula 1-paddock, but you will also have a seat at the covered grandstand. Right across from the grandstand you’ll find a large video screen so you’ll be sure you won’t miss any of the action anywhere else on the circuit.
Buy your tickets here. Update: all Main Grandstand Tickets have been sold out (for saturday and sunday). It is still possible to buy F1 Paddock Tickets.

Scroll down for ticket overview chart.

Dune tickets (regular tickets)
Prior to the Jumbo Familie Racedagen you can save up for free entry tickets at the Jumbo supermarkets. For more information, please visit www.jumboracedagen.nl.


Ticket chart Jumbo Familie Racedagen driven by Max Verstappen

Please see the table below to choose the best ticket for you.

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Travel advice

It’s expected that a lot of race fans and families will visit the “Jumbo Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen”. Therefore, the organisation expects a extra traffic and crowds around the access roads towards Zandvoort. Special travel directions and travel advice have been created for visitors of the event, in order to optimize traffic flow.

Going to Circuit Zandvoort by car
If you’re traveling to the “Familie Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen” by car, please keep in mind that there might be a lot of traffic on the roads leading to Zandvoort aan Zee. Plan enough time for your trip, and take into account possible delay around Heemstede, Bloemendaal and Zandvoort.

Visitors parking
If you haven’t received a parking card ahead of the event, you’re able to park your car on any of the parking areas in the town of Zandvoort (such as Boulevard Barnaart, Louis Davids Carre-centre, Parking De Zuid). Parking spots aren’t available for reservation, and are all subject to availability.
Unfortunately, there are no parking spots available at Circuit Zandvoort at the “Jumbo Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen” (neither for the disabled), when you arrive during the event.
Please check http://www.vvvzandvoort.nl/info-zandvoort/parkeren-in-zandvoort-aan-zee/ for an overview on all parking facilities and corresponding rates. If you park on Parking De Zuid, you can use one of the free shuttle busses to the circuit.
The parking areas of Bloemendaal aan Zee are also within walking distance of Circuit Park Zandvoort. Aside from the areas at Bloemendaal aan Zee and Parnassia, parking is also possible at the Koevlak. (All mentioned areas are paid parking.)

Taking public transportation to Zandvoort
It’s also possible to take the train to Zandvoort aan Zee. When you’ve arrived at the train station, head north via the Van Speijkstraat to the Burgemeester van Alphenstraat. That’s where you’ll find the main entrance of Circuit Zandvoort after an approximately ten minute walk.
It’s also worth considering traveling by car for the first part of your trip, and then take public transportation to Zandvoort. It’s possible to park your car around the train stations Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Heemstede and Hillegom, and take the train or bus from any of these stations to Zandvoort aan Zee. Extra and longer trains will be set up, but please take into consideration that trains might be crowded and you potentially might have to wait on the next train for a little while. Also the P&R Parking locations near the stations have a limited capacity.


Would you rather take the bus to Zandvoort? Connexxion buses drive to Circuit Zandvoort from the centre of Zandvoort regularly, and there are direct lines with Amsterdam, NS Station Haarlem Spaarnwoude and NS Station Heemstede-Aerdenhout with bus line 80.
Bus line 81 has stops at NS Station Haarlem and the parking areas in Bloemendaal aan Zee (including Koevlak) and stops right at the main entrance of Circuit Zandvoort.

Do you live in the area of Zandvoort? It’s worth considering taking the bike to Circuit Zandvoort.


Extend the fun

After the program, there might be a peak in traffic and crowds leaving the circuit area. To make the visit to Zandvoort even better, we advise visitors to also visit the great city centre of Zandvoort (with various bars and restaurants) or enjoy some great food with drinks and a perfect sea-view at the many beachclubs!


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Would you like to experience the Familie Racedagen driven by Max Verstappen in ultimate luxury? Including, for instance, a view from an exclusive VIP room, and drinks and snacks all day? Order the VIP package!
Beware: while supplies last! Get your tickets at Tickets.

What does my VIP package get me? 

  • Entry ticket to VIP gallery
  • Parking ticket (1 per 2 persons) for parking at the circuit
  • Reception in VIP room with hostess
  • Coffee/tea reception
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snacks
  • Variety of drinks all day
  • Access to the dunes (including the dunes at the Tarzanbocht, Scheivlak, Kumhobocht)
  • Visiting the support series
  • Access to the F1-Paddock
  • Access to the roof of the pit building
  • View the Red Bull Racing F1 bolide
  • Picture with the Grid Girls in the Formula 1 Paddock
  • Access to the stand at Paddock Hill

Order using the Tickets button. VIP packages are unfortunately not available at Primera.

Special action via Jumbo Supermarkets

In the period of time leading up to the Jumbo Familie Racedagen you can save up for free entry tickets at the Jumbo supermarkets.

With the purchase of certain promotional products in Jumbo supermarkets, customers receive a code. Through Jumbo.com it’s quite easy to convert this code into a free regular entry ticket (dune ticket) for the Jumbo Familie Racedagen driven by Max Verstappen, for either May 20th or May 21st.

The promotion starts April 26th and runs until May 16th. The vouchers can be redeemed until May 19th.  

Would you also like to visit the Red Bull Racing team or take pictures of Max’s? Then order a Formula 1-paddock ticket or a Grandstand ticket! Order through TICKETS.

The promotion works as follows:

  1. Purchase 4 cans of Red Bull (or other promotional products) between April 26th and May 16th).
  2. You’ll receive a unique promotional code on a separate receipt. Save the receipt! Have you ordered your products online? In that case you’ll receive an e-mail including instructions on the e-mail address you used when ordering.
  3. To receive your free entry ticket, please enter the promotional code on this website by May 18th and choose the date you would like to go.
  4. You will receive the ticket by e-mail. Have fun at Circuit Zandvoort! Please check the ticket chart to see what access you have at the circuit.

Beware: while supplies last! Ensure that you redeem your promotional code as soon as possible.

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Visitors information

Event area open :  from 7.30 hrs
Event area closed :  at 21.00 hrs
Catering :  open at various locations at the event area
Toilets :  open on various locations (free of charge)
Disabled visitors :  there is a limited amount of parking spaces available for disabled visitors. Reservations and proof of disability should be send to info@circuitzandvoort.nl. Update: All parking spaces for disabled visitors have been reserved. There are no more parking spaces available for disabled visitors.
Start of program :  please see "Time Schedule"
Parking - Parking A :   only accesible for invited guests with valid parking invitation. No parking available for spectators.
Parking - Parking B :  only accesible for invited guests with valid parking invitation. No parking available for spectators.
Parking - Parking C :  only accesible for invited guests with valid parking invitation. No parking available for spectators.
Travel advice :  For this event, a special Travel Advice has been created. Check it via "Travel Advice". Make sure to check this advice before you come to this event.
2017 Permanent Pass :  The Circuit Zandvoort Permanent Seasonal Pass 2017 is valid this event (excl. Main Grandstand)
Animals :  animals are not allowed at Circuit Zandvoort. There is a exception for guide dogs. Please contact us before your visit via info@circuitzandvoort.nl.
Drones :  The use of drones is strictly forbidden (for both private individuals and companies), without prior written permissions of Circuit Zandvoort
PIN/ATM :  an ATM machine (for cash money) will be available for spectators. Please see the Pocket Guide that will be distributed to all visitors at the control points.
Main Grandstand :  The Main Grandstand is only accesible for spectators with a valid Grandstand Ticket. Seats are reserved.
Paddock Hill Grandstand :  This grandstand is only  accessible for spectators that can show a valid Paddock Ticket. Seats are available on 'first come, first serve'-base.
Video screen(s) :  Around the circuit, there will be six big video screen available.


including Meet & Greet

Anyone who buys their tickets (or has already bought their tickets) through this website for the Jumbo Familie Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen (May 20th & 21st) has a chance to win an extraordinary prize: they might just receive an upgrade of their tickets to a full VIP package, including an exclusive Meet & Greet with Max Verstappen!
Would you like to have a chance of winning this remarkable ticket upgrade? Order your tickets before May 13th through

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to compete for the ticket upgrade action. This has stopped on May 13.



1.1.      The organisation, formed by Circuit Zandvoort and Verstappen Management, offers the winner a ticket upgrade to a special VIP package.
1.2.      The special VIP package includes a regular VIP package with a special and unique Meet & Greet with Max Verstappen op Circuit Zandvoort.
1.3.      The upgrade is valid for the maximum of 1 day and exclusively on May 20th or May 21st 2017 (during the Jumbo Familie Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen on Circuit Zandvoort).
1.4.      The Meet & Greet with Max Verstappen will take place with all prize winners simultaneously.
1.5.      Multiple winners will be selected. This can be either a maximum of 5 winners with a maximum of 2 upgrades each (10 persons in total) or 10 winners with a maximum of 1 upgrade each.
1.6.      There is no cash alternative to the prize.
1.7.      The upgrades will not be sent out by mail. Information about collecting the upgrades will be notified to the prize winners by Thursday May 18th 2017 by e-mail.
1.8.      The special VIP packages including Meet & Greet are not available for sale and will not be available for sale.
1.9.      When collecting their upgrades, prize winners must submit their identification.

2.1.      Participation is possible for anyone who purchases entry tickets for the Jumbo Familie Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen through www.circuitzandvoort.nl. The period as set out in article 2.5 must be observed.
2.2.    Buyers (candidates/contestants) have a chance to win the prize if they have purchased one or multiple entry tickets of one of the following types: Grandstand – Saturday May 20th, Grandstand – Sunday May 21st, Grandstand – Weekend May 20th & 21st,   Formula 1-Paddock – Saturday May 20th, Formula 1-Paddock – Sunday May 21st, Formula 1-paddock – Weekend May 20th & 21st, VIP package – Saturday May 20th, VIP package – Sunday May 21st.
2.3.      The contestant must provide Paylogic and/or Circuit Zandvoort with a valid e-mail address. All prize winners will be contacted through the e-mail address they provided Paylogic/Circuit Zandvoort with.
2.4.      All sales locations other than www.circuitzandvoort.nl are excluded from participation. This includes Primera and other online locations or tickets that have been resold.
2.5.      All persons who buy one or more ticket(s) between February 1st 2017 and May 13th 2017 through www.circuitzandvoort.nl will automatically compete for the prize.
2.6.      Participants must have met the rules above (2.1 to 2.5) before Saturday, May 13th at 23:00/11 pm.
2.7.      Purchases placed after 23:00 on Saturday, May 13th may not compete.
2.8.      Dune tickets (bought online or obtained through Jumbo supermarkets) are excluded from participation.

3.1.      When determining the winners, all participants that have met the requirements will be documented after 23:00 Saturday, May 13th.
3.2.      A list will be compiled of all persons who have met the conditions for participation.
3.3.      From the list, the winners will be selected randomly.
3.4.      Every prize winner wins at least 1, and up to 2 upgrades to a special VIP package. If the buyer has bought 1 valid ticket, then a maximum of 1 upgrade will be granted. If the buyer has bought more than 2 valid tickets, a maximum of 2 upgrades will be granted.
3.5.      Circuit Zandvoort reserves the right to cancel this prize lottery at any moment without awarding prizes. In addition, Circuit Zandvoort reserves the right to designate other winners, even if the random lottery shows otherwise.
3.6.     All results are final. No correspondence will be entered into.
3.7.     The winners will receive a message at the e-mail address they used to purchase tickets at www.circuitzandvoort.nl. Information on winning the upgrade and collecting the upgrades will be notified to the prize winners by e-mail by Thursday, May 18th 2017.

InMotion Demo

Visit the InMotion website for more information.

Live stream BOSS GP


The live-stream of BOSS GP is available here. Please note that the stream is not visible during the Max Verstappen session.