Winter Endurance Championship

The finale races of the race series, the DNRT, ACNN, DRDO, and international championships, will not bring an end to all the motorsport fun at the end of the year. After all, Circuit Park Zandvoort and the foundation DNRT organise the Winter Endurance Championships in in the winter. Many races for less money. The championship traditionally kicks off with the Zandvoort 500.

Back in the nineties, racing drivers didn’t race in the winter. Nowadays, the Winter Endurance Championship is a must for drivers who want to race in the winter. The races take place in November, January, and March. Many well-known racing drivers from the national championships, DNRT, ACNN, DRDO, and international championships, like the TCR and GT4, see the Winter Endurance Championship as the ideal preparation for the new racing season. 


The Winter Endurance Championship exists out of three one-day meetings. After the Zandvoort 500 (500km) follows the New Year Race (At least 4 hours and mostly driving in the dark), and finally the season ends with the Final 4 .

  • Zandvoort 500 (24 November 2018)
  • Nieuwjaarsrace (5 January 2019)
  • Final 4 (2 March 2019)


Battle in the four divisions

Racing drivers can participate in 4 different divisions. Due to a special ranking system, every participant (regardless of their division) can win the title in the Winter Endurance Championship. What is most important, is that the racing driver needs to earn a lot of points in their own division.

Division I

Division I is open for tour trucks and GT’s with a cylinder capacity of higher than 3200cc. Many GT cars from the GT3 and the GT4 have proven to be qualified for this division. The same goes for the Renault Mégane Trophy, V8STAR, and the fast Porsche 911 GT3 cup racers are feared competitors. All tour trucsk and GT's are welcome this year. Prototypes and Sportscars will be kept outside to limit the speeddifferences. 

Division II

Division II offers participation possibilities for GT’s and tour trucks with a cylinder capacity between 2500cc en 3200cc. In the past, the SEAT Léon Supercopa has proven to be the right car for this division. However, if you have a Lotus Elise, BMW M3 from the DRDO M3 Cup, you can also go for the win. Besides that, an extensive number of cars from the DNRT is qualified for participation, as well as cars from the BMW Ooperon Cup from ACNN. 

Division III

Division III is for cars with a cylinder capacity of a maximum of 2500cc. This division is qualified for cars from a diverse selection of brand cups, like the Renault Clio Cup Benelux.  Also the BMW Compact cars from the DNRT, and the fast cars from the Mazda MaX5 Cup can do very well in the overall classification. Furthermore, the cars with diesel engines that are not qualified for the Division I or II, can particitpate in this class.

Division IV

Division IV is reserved for all the standard racing cars, mostly bases on DNRT-series or other amateur racing series. The most successful cars in this division are the SEAT Ibiza TDI and BMW E30-class. The division is also open for cars from the Porsche 944 Basic Cup, Mazda MX-5 and Peugeot 206 GTI Cup.

If you have another car, please contact to check the best division for this car.