Your company "in the picture"

Circuit Zandvoort is the ideal location to reach a wide audience. A lot of leading companies are already represented around the track in various ways. Recently Circuit Zandvoort expanded its possibilities to offer each company a fitting way to present itself.

Boarding around the track

Banners along the track and above the pit boxes are the most visible options for companies to advertise at Circuit Zandvoort. Not only are these boards visible on published media such as newspapers and magazines. Some events will be broadcasted live such as the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix and Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort.

The exposure possibilities won’t end just there. Other options are:
• Branded break-markers
• Safety-wall bannering (advertisements on guard rails and walls)
• Curbstone-advertising (your logo on the red/white run-offs around the track)
• Marshall post branding

Flags and banners

Circuit Zandvoort offers apart from the wide range of advertising boards also flags and banners. Flags around the paddock and entrance are quintessential to Circuit Zandvoort. Also the famous Tarzan-, Gerlach and Hans-Ernst -corners are known for being surrounded with flags. Thanks to the unceasing sea wind, the flags will always be visible and add to the unique atmosphere of Circuit Zandvoort. Advertising with flags around the dunes or public fences are also possible.

Adopt a turn

Want to leave your mark on the racetrack? Companies are able to adopt a corner at the track. The corner will be surrounded with flags and banners of one company only. Going one step further and actually renaming the turn is possible as well. Your corner will be the center of attention when the overtake of the weekend took place in your turn. How exciting right? Adopting buildings or areas around the track is possible too.


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