VIP rooms at Circuit Zandvoort

Every company is looking for the possibilities to give customers and business relations an unforgettable experience. With your own VIP room you can offer these relations a unique experience. The possibilities are endless, put together your own programme to show your corporate image.


Beautiful location

The luxury VIP rooms have the best views on the pit lane from the first floor of the pit complex. While under the hospitality rooms the racing drivers are getting ready for their next race, you can enjoy the spectacles in the comfortable VIP rooms.

From the secured VIP-room gallery the invitees have a good view on Paddock 1 and the Gerlach turn. Besides that, all the areas are equipped with TV extension so all the races can be viewed from the windows, access corridor, and on TV. Furthermore, the rooms can be equipped with internet access. Our in-house catering partner will be responsible for the culinary experience during your time in one of the VIP rooms.


Different VIP rooms

The sizes of a VIP room vary from a single (60m2) to a large VIP room (225m2). A VIP room can be recognised by the two billboards from 1 x 5 meter and the optional flag on the roof of the pit-complex. Furthermore, the VIP rooms can always be rented for meetings and other gatherings during the week.

More Information

For more information about prices and reservations, please contact our Sales & Promotion department: or via 023 – 5740 710.