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Getting here

Visit CM.com Circuit Zandvoort

CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is not only known for its legendary races and amazing atmosphere, the race track is also praised for its amazing location. With the beach so close by and a dream race track, it is a feast to visit CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. The circuit can be reached by different ways of transportation.

By car

Car drivers can enter the following address of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort in their navigation system: Bugermeester van Alphenstraat 108, 2041 KP. In case the navigation system doesn’t recognise the house number, just the street name will suffice. The main entrance of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is located directly on the street.

No navigation? On highway A9, follow the signs for Zandvoort (via exit Haarlem-Zuid –N205) and proceed to the N201 in the direction of Zandvoort. Also possible is going for the exit of Haarlem on the A9 (via the A200) to drive via the N200 to Zandvoort. Pay attention to the website during special events. In some cases, an adjusted traveling advice will be given. Always check the webpage of the specific event for the latest advice.


The event area of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort has multiple parking area’s with the capacity for a few thousand cars. During most events, visitors can park their car at one of those area’s for a fee. The saying full = full is valid here. Visitors need to follow the signs Parking B/C, unless mentioned otherwise. However, there are always events with which there are less parking spots available. In case there are no more parking spaces available at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, visitors can always go to the parking areas of the municipality of Zandvoort. These parking areas can be found at Boulevard Barnaart (close to the beach), Fauvageolein, the garage in the centre of the town and Parking De Zuid. The municipality of Zandvoort usually charges a set fee during the whole year. Pay attention to the website during special events. In some cases, an adjusted parking advice will be given. Always check the webpage of the specific event for the latest advice.

Visitors by car need to take into account that a circuit event can be on the same day as a (sunny) beach day, which could cause traffic jams. Plan your trip carefully and calculate in some extra time for delays. The number of available parking spots are limited on these beach days. Please take into consideration to travel the last bit by public transport.

Public Transport

Many race events at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort are popular by race fans from the Netherlands and other countries. Naturally, we as organisation wish for you to not be stuck in traffic jams. That is why, besides traveling by car, there is another alternative: public transport.


Zandvoort is easily reached by train due to a direct train connection from Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Den Haag. CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is only a 10 minute walk from Zandvoort station. If you are standing with your back to the station you go right and walk in de direction of the Van Speijkstraat. At the end of the road you cross the road to the left and walk past the gas station and follow the road over the Burgermeester van Alphenstraat. After 500m, the main entrance of the Circuit can be seen on the right hand side.


It is also possible to travel to Zandvoort by bus. Not only do the buses leave frequently from the centre of Zandvoort to CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, they also have a direct connection to Amsterdam and NS Station Haarlem-Spaarnwoude with bus number 80. Bus number 80 (with a stop at NS Station Haarlem) stops close to the main entrance of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort.


Travel well prepared
Especially in the weekends there can be projects on the tracks and bus routes that can cause delays. This can have consequences for your journey. That is why we advise to travel well prepared and plan your journey beforehand via de NS Reisplanner. The NS Reisplanner gives an accurate and complete travel advice. While travelling, the actual travel schedule can be checked via www.m.ns.nl. The website of 9292ov.nl also offers a lot of travel information.

Big events

During big events it can become very busy at certain moments in the busses and trains to and from Zandvoort. Stick around after the event, grab a drink or a bite to eat in one of the beach pavilions or the town centre.