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Media accreditatie criteria

1 Passes & procedure

Media representatives need a special Media-pass to access the media facilities at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. The accreditation criteria on this website are applicable on most events until 31 December 2022 (unless stated otherwise). Due to the COVID-19 situation, a very limited amount of media access credentials is available per day. Requests that match all criteria, can still receive a notification that their accreditation cannot be approved, due to this limit. The submission of an application does not guarantee that accreditation will be granted. Media representatives should be aware of this before submitting an application. In addition, they should understand that an accreditation for an earlier event is not a guarantee of being accredited for subsequent events.

1.1   Permanent Pass 2022

No Permanent passes will be provided until further notice.

1.2   Media Pass for single events

Please use the online accreditation form to apply for media accreditation. The accreditation request, must comply with the media criteria, which can be found on this page. Because of limited space in the Media Centre, only 2 persons per medium will be accredited, with a maximum of 1 photographer per medium.

Online accreditation form

1.3   Special procedures

To apply for accreditation for the following events, you should use the links provided below, instead of the online accreditation form.

1.4   Deadlines

Applications for single events Accreditation deadlines, if not specially mentioned, are set for 10 week-days prior to the event (saturday and sunday are not included in this 10 day count).

The deadline for the Zandvoort Race Classics is 07-07-2021 – 20.00 hrs.

2   Principles

Instructions from recognizable officials must be followed at all times. During a practice/race it is absolutely forbidden to be in front of the safety barriers or crossing the track. Please keep in mind that Motorsport is dangerous. Accessing the accommodation of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is at your own risk. CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is not liable for any personal damage or material damage, no matter how the damage was caused. By accessing of Circuit Zandvoort, you accept these terms of agreement.


3   Accreditation criteria

Official media accreditations will only be supplied to registered press agencies or professional journalists who wish to report about race events at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. Please have a look at the accreditation criteria below. Also, bear in mind that stock-photography, is not a valid assignment for media accreditation. Additionally, information about the insurance-situation of the applicant has to be provided on request. Without a solid and valid insurance, which can also be provided by the editorial office or the party responsible for the assignment, a application request can be denied.

3.1   Newspapers and other (print)media

Media representatives of newspapers and other (print)media must comply to the following criteria:
3.1.1. Registered holder of a official press card (please send copy along with accreditation form)
3.1.2. Official letter from editor with information about the assignment. The letter has to be written on official company paper. Letters from not officially registered newspapers and (print)media will not be recognized.
3.1.3. Professional experience at other motorsport events, without reports about unprofessional behavior
3.1.4. Proof of income out of earlier relevant publications or proof of valid additional insurance
3.1.5. Copies of earlier (relevant) race reports or publications (if requested)
3.1.6. Press representatives of local media cannot be accomodated, unless the editorial assignment can prove that a larger audience will be reached.
Unregistered journalists who cannot show a official letter from the main editor, cannot apply for a media accreditation.

3.2   Television and radio broadcasters

Media representatives of television media or radiobroadcasters must comply with the following criteria:
3.2.1. Officially recognized media
3.2.2. Registered as (internet)broadcaster at the national Chamber of commerce (evidence of subscription has to be sent on request)
3.2.3. At least 3 people must be be officially registered as employee for the company.
3.2.4. Confirmation in official letter to send a copy of the broadcast on USB-stick to CM.com Circuit Zandvoort or via WeTransfer.
3.2.5. It is not allowed to fly with drones or organize live video-streaming, without written permission of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. If a camera crew wishes to fly with a drone, a written request had to be send to media@circuitzandvoort.nl. This e-mail should also contain the copy of a liaibility insurance (related to drone flying), a flight plan and certificates of the drone and the operator. Also, the payment of a “drone recording fee” must be paid. This fee is set for € 450,00 excl. VAT.
3.2.6. Video-press representatives of local media cannot be accomodated, unless the editorial assignment can prove that a larger audience will be reached.
3.2.7. For bigger events, a video-crew limit is applicable in a way that a maximum number of media/tv-crews will be allowed to attend the event. The media accreditation committee will make a decisions which video-crews will receive accreditation (and which crew member). There is no right for accreditation.
3.2.8. Depending on the event, CM.com Circuit Zandvoort can charge costs for the use of a video permission license. These costs should be paid in advance before the event starts.

3.3   Internet sites

Media representatives of websites must comply to the following criteria:
3.3.1.  The website must operate as a professional motorsport website. Fan websites can not apply for media accreditation. Please note: Motorsport websites which mostly receive earnings out of advertisement are not qualified as a professional website.
3.3.2. Registered as at national Chamber of commerce (evidence of subscription has to be sent on request) with at least 2 permanent employees.
3.3.3. Coverage of both international and national motorsport. Also wide coverage of the series or event where accreditation is for requested.
3.3.4. 75 percent of the press releases on the website must be writing in own words.
3.3.5.  At least 4100 unique daily visitors. (Evidence of data has to be sent on request). Evidence where no unique visitors data can be related from, will not be accepted.
3.3.6. Published race reports provide more information about what happened during the races. Single interpretations of race results are not recognized as race reports.
3.3.7. Websites that are active as a local website (or have a largely local audience), are not eligble for media accreditation.
NOTE: websites that only function for stock photography, cannot be accepted for the accreditation procedure. Also, social media sites can not be used as valid internet media to apply for accreditation.

TDS media

4   Media representatives of teams/drivers/sponsors

We receive many requests of team-media and photographers. For this group, most of the times there is no guarantee the organization will benefit from the exposure. Therefore, special criteria and rules apply.

4.1   Basic criteria for media representatives of teams/drivers/sponsors (TDS-media)

Drivers, sponsors, racing teams or their relations cannot apply for media accreditation. Exceptions will be made, and therefore media access will be approved, if the media-representative can show evidence, which guarantees publication in a professional recognized medium, with sufficient circulation and readership (known as ‘guarantee of publication’). This accreditation can only be given, when the accreditation-limit has not been reached yet.

4.2   Approval of accreditation for media representatives of teams/drivers/sponsors (TDS-media)

If a TDS-media accreditation has been approved, the following steps must be followed:
A general entrance pass should be provided by the team/driver/sponsor. To receive a Media Pass, the TDS-media representative should apply via the online accreditation form, before the accreditation deadline. If the request has been approved, the general entry pass can be exchanged for a Media Pass at the reception desk in the Media Centre. A limit of one pass for each race team will be supplied, IF the application meets the other media accreditation criteria. TDS-media are not eligible for a Media Parking-ticket. A valid parking-ticket should be provided by the team.

4.3   Photo access for TDS-media representatives

If a accredited TDS-media representative has requested a photo tabard, and sufficient evidence has been showed (please see 4.1 and 4.2), a photo tabard will be granted if the accreditation limit has not been reached yet. For each TDS-photo tabard a fee of € 30 for each event has to be paid. Please note: the paid fee is not the same as the basic € 20 deposit for a photo tabard. Only the deposit will be returned. The photo tabard gives restricted access to the racetrack ONLY during practices and qualifying’s. TDS-media representatives have no photo-access during races and demonstrations. To receive unrestricted photo access, the TDS-media representative must show a valid motorsport press card before the event starts, including a editorial letter. If this is the case, the event fee of € 30 is no longer needed.


5   Additional information

5.1   Outside activities and second jobs

Accredited media representatives are allowed to do commercial activities for teams, drivers and sponsors; under the condition that these activities will not damage the professional and neutral attitude in race reports. If a medium has been the main principal, the other jobs and activities cannot cover accreditation in the future, if no reports or photos are published in the main medium.

5.2   Photo tabards and jackets

Photo tabards are strictly personal. Therefore it is not allowed to hand a photo tabard over to another person, no matter if this person has been officially accredited or not. For each photo tabard a deposit of € 20 has to be paid and a waiver of liability has to be signed. The forms are in Dutch and an English translation is available. It is the media representatives’ sole responsibility to inform himself about the media photo zones and Media Red Zones at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. A map of the Media Red Zones is available in the Media Centre.

5.3   TV- and camera crews

Depending on the subject of recording, television crews can request a “media-tabard”, which gives access to the track and pit lane. Camera interviews cannot take place in the Media Centre unless permission has been requested and granted.

5.4   Radio-reporters

Radio broadcast delegates cannot apply for a “media-tabard”. Radio reporters have permission to interview podium finishers after the race in the Media Centre. All other interviews cannot take place inside the Media Centre, unless permission has been requested.

5.5.   Working spaces

In basic, all working spaces in the Media Centre are reserved for officially accredited media representatives with a press card. TDS-media representatives are only allowed to use the working spaces, when there are sufficient spaces left, and permission has been granted by the Press Officer. TDS-media representatives should respect the “right of way” of officially accredited media representatives with a press card.

5.6   Accreditation limit

For safety reasons, each event at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort has a media accreditation limit. This maximum amount of media passes cannot be overrun. Therefore, even is the application for media access was in time, the request can still be rejected because of this limit. If the situation of a accreditation limit might occur, the organization will decide which people will receive accreditation.

5.7   Accessibility of the Media Centre

The Media Centre is only open to holders of a media pass, and, for a short period, to P.R. employees of sponsors, drivers and teams. Immediately after the finish of a race, the main finishers are available in this room to meet media representatives. The Media Centre is principally a working area. People under 18 years of age are not allowed in this room and therefore cannot be accredited.

5.8   Media Information Document

All photographers, who wish to visit the events at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, must read the Media Information Document, before they sign their waiver liability. An example-document can be found via THIS LINK. The actual and most up to date Media Information Document will be send via E-mail.

5.9   Withdrawal of media pass

CM.com Circuit Zandvoort always has the right to withdraw approved media accreditations and media passes at any time. Circuit Zandvoort can withdraw these passes or accreditation without reason. Unprofessional behaviour during the procedure or at the event (or other events), can also cause the withdrawal of media passes. It is not possibile to claim accreditations or base certain decisions on the basis of the “right for accreditation”. Additionally, accreditations received in the past (no matter the event, circuit or organization), can not be used as a basis or right for future accreditations.

Winter series

6   Winter Endurance Championship 2021-2022

The Winter Endurance Championship is a winterserie at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, with races in November, January and March. During these events, the media accreditation criteria are less strict. All international press are welcome for the Winter Endurance Championship if they comply to the media accreditation criteria for the winter series. Please contact the Press Officer for more information regarding the media accreditation criteria.