Officials Club Automobielsport

Essential since 1962

Watching car races from the dunes or the tribune is a unique experience. The smell of burned rubber, the sparks that jump out from under the cars, it is an experience you cannot get at home.  Officials of the OCA can sit first rank at any race event. They can almost touch the cars. Race fans who are looking for an extra challenge and who have a high level of responsibility can apply for a position as an official.

To guarantee the safety on the track, Circuit Zandvoort is working together with the volunteers of the Officials Club Automobielsport. Due to these measurements, racing is possible and is secure.

Whether the event is the Blancpain GT or Historic Grand Prix or a club-level meeting, motorsport needs volunteers to be able to run. From pits and paddock to trackside, marshals are essential part of any motorsport event and needed to make race meetings happen. As a marshal, you would be joining a band of enthusiasts, who enjoy their motorsport, up close and personal.

The Officials Club Automobielsport, also OCA, consists of hundreds of enthusiastic members. The biggest part of these members are active as flag Marshalls. They are situated on different parts of the tracks to work together with the observer to secure the safety of the tracks.

Leon Weggelaar

Closer than ever before

No experience is necessary, training will be given throughout the season. To find out more about volunteering and what marshalling is all about visit the website of Officials Club Automobielsport (OCA) via


Leon Weggelaar