Verbind uw merknaam aan populaire events

The best place to put your company in the spotlight is at a public event of Circuit Zandvoort. You could be the name giver to the Whitsun races but you can also choose for name adoption at one of the other events at Circuit Zandvoort.


Become the talk of town

Events like the Eastern-, Whitsun-, and the Finale races are very well-known with a wide audience. On social media people talk regularly about events of Circuit Zandvoort. This is where the opportunities await for companies and brands.  It is possible to become the main sponsor and name giver of an event. A new name for an event will be published in press releases, news items, and commercials.


Many opportunities at your ‘own’ event

As main sponsor you are eligible for a number of entrance tickets that you can give to your business relations or guests. Or even better, give these tickets away during a promotional campaign. During events there are also numerous possibilities. There is the option of a Grid Walk which is exclusive for VIP guests, or a special track time session in which you can drive on the race track with your own car. Or is a spectacular demonstration more your cup of tea? We like to discuss all the options with you.


Please contact the Sales & Promotion department via or 023 – 5740 710.