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At this moment, no dates are available for testing days in 2020, organised by Circuit Zandvoort.















During the test days at Circuit Zandvoort race teams and drivers have a chance to practice at Netherlands number one motor and racing venue. To get some extra practice time, you can register for a Circuit Zandvoort test day.


To register for one of the test days, please use the application form at the bottom of this page. Please specify how many cars and what types of cars will be used. This information is needed to calculate the noise pollution.


If, due to circumstances, you are not able to attend the appointment we would kindly request you to inform Menno Weeda about that. If your appointment is not cancelled 48 hours before, Circuit Park Zandvoort is authorised to charge 25% of the testing costs.


Limited noise pollution

Due to the fact that we have to comply to strict noise pollution requirements, there is a limited capacity on testing days. Due to this reason, it is possible that we can reject a registration.


Noise limitations

Please remember that there is a noise limit of 92db(A). There are different regulations for Formula Cars. Cars that produce too much noise pollution will be taken of the track. They are only allowed back on the track once they have reduced or adjusted their pollution levels. No refunds will be provided. If you wish to receive extra information about possible exceptions, please contact Menno Weeda at menno@circuitzandvoort.nl.


Pit boxes

Pit boxes (5x23m) can be hired for € 150,- per day. Keep in mind that we have a limited number of boxes available. Any damages that are done to the boxes will be charged to the person who hired the box. Please inform us on the registration form how many boxes you wish to reserve. In the confirmation email you will be informed about the actual number of pit boxes that are appointed to you. It is strongly advised to reserve a pit box before arrival at the Circuit.


Circuit access

Trucks which are 3.30 meters or higher, can access the Circuit everyday between 7.00 and 9.00 am. After those hours the Circuit can be hired and we cannot guarantee that a truck can enter the tracks. Please contact Menno Weeda at menno@circuitzandvoort.nl for the latest opening hours of the Circuit for trucks.




Payments can only be accepted in cash. If you wish to pay by card or any other form of payment, please let us know beforehand. You can inform us via the application form or via menno@circuitzandvoort.nl.


Safety requirements

All vehicles need to comply with the safety regulations as laid out in the KNAF Reglementenboek. Before the driver can access the tracks, he or she needs to wear the correct driver uniform. If you wish to bring a passenger, then this needs to be mentioned on the registration form or we need to be informed via email. Please specify the drivers information (personal details and license number).


Race license

All participants need to have a valid racing license. Prior to the test days, this license will be checked and the driver needs to sign a waiver of liability. If everything is approved, the driver will receive a wristband that gives him access to the tracks. Drivers without a license need to contact Menno Weeda via menno@circuitzandvoort.nl to discuss other options. They can also mention it on the registration form. If you are in possession of a KNAF Testing License Autorensport, you are welcome to take part in the testing days, if you can show this license upon arrival at the Circuit Zandvoort.

Application form

For questions and remarks, please contact Mr. Menno Weeda via menno@circuitzandvoort.nl.