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Track days with your own car

The ultimate rush!

It is possible to drive on the race track with your own car at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. There are multiple days on which it is possible, there are also multiple providers.

RSZ Track Days

Always wanted to drive on the rack track without too much hassle? Then come and visit one of the Track Days at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. For a fee of € 40,00, every driver has 20 minutes to drive on the race track.

The Track Days have three divisions. The tour division is open for every standardised car, however, responsible driving is a must. Having a racing license is not obligatory. That same rule applies for the sport cars, even when faster cars go on the race track they do not need a license.

For the people who do have a racing license during the Track Days, the super sport sessions are organised.

Interested in the terms and conditions, and the calendar of the Track Days? Click here 


Driving-Fun.com had been organising Track Days for the last couple of years at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. De Track Days of Driving-Fun.com are not only known for their good atmosphere but also because of the open pit lane principle. Participants pay for a session in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Within that session they can decide themselves when they go racing and for how long.

On the condition that all the participants have respect for the rules and regulations concerning: noise pollution, safety, flag signals, and other people’s materials, there is ample of opportunity to enjoy yourself.

Click here for an overview of the Driving-Fun.com Track Days.

GP Elite

A third organiser of track days at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is GP-Elite. With a team of highly qualified instructors, GP-Elite organises multiple Track Days for private individuals. Next to the regular Track Days, where there is no special requirement regarding the brand of the car, GP-Elite is also main organiser of the famous Porsche Sport Driving School Track Days,

Click here for more information about GP-Elite.

Other organisers

There are more Trackday organisers at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. For example, there are Driversdays.nl, Gummen.org en Aegis Trackdays. Have a look at their websites for an overview of available trackday dates.

Ansho Bijlmakers - GP Elite