Drive the famous Zandvoort circuit with your own bike

Do you prefer to ride your own motorbike? Do you wish to experience the ultimate adrenaline kick? Then register for one of the motor days at Circuit Park Zandvoort. There are multiple options available.

Motorsport Lifestyle

Which motorsport supporter doesn’t dream of riding their own bike at Circuit Park Zandvoort? In addition to the fact that it gives an adrenaline kick, it is also a fantastic experience and you get to know your own driving behaviour better.

It is does not matter is you just started riding a bike or if you are an experienced rider, Motorsport Lifestyle has something for everyone.

Depending on your level of experience, you will be divided into a Division. Division I is reserved for the beginning motorcyclist and division IV is reserved for the experienced riders. Before subscribing for Division IV, it is advised to get a motor license or follow a Circuit Motor Training. Go to for more information.

Motor races at Zandvoort

Do you have a KNMV of FAME motor race license and looking for new challenges? Then subscribe to one of the motor races at Circuit Park Zandvoort. De Division for which you will be selected depends on the type of motorbike, lap records, and experience. Go for more information to

Other Track Days with motorbikes

No race license and no spare time left for one of the MSL days? Then there is still hope. You can apply for one of the Track Days at MAC Zandvoort. Before you can apply for one these days, you need to be enrolled in a motor club. More information: Of course you can always make a reservation for Track Days at Motorsportschool Holland or Dannhoff Motorsport. The same options are available via And of course also Rensportschool Zandvoort ( RSZ Motorsport) provides plenty of track day possibilities.