Daikin NK Inlineskaten Marathon & 100m sprint

29 August 2020


On Saturday the 29th of August the Daikin NK Inline skating will take place on the brand new asphalt of  CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. The event will host the Dutch title championship races of the marathon and 100 meters sprint distances.

Never before has the KNSB organised an official skating race on the car circuit. “How beautiful it is to be able to hold a Dutch Inline Skating Championship on that brand new asphalt, while there has been no F1-race there yet,” says Marcel Scheperkamp, sports manager inline skating of the KNSB. “I was there myself when the European Championships Inlineskaten was held on the circuit of Portimao in Portugal. That was really very special and what surprised me was how fast they drove there”.

A unique opportunity for existing and new fans to see this sport up close and experience it for themselves.  Keep an eye on schaatsen.nl and the event page for up to date information.

Covid-19 situation

Because of the corona measures, the KNSB is still forced not to allow spectators on the circuit. Only competitors, coaches, officials and the press will be admitted, provided they have registered on time and passed the health check. One thing is already certain: the Daikin NK Inline Skating Marathon and 100 meter sprint can be followed on 29 August via the livestream on schaatsen.nl/inlineskaten.


This event is organised by the KNSB.

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