Jumbo Racedagen

17 - 19 May TICKETS


The Jumbo Racing Days, driven by Max Verstappen is a spectacular event at Circuit Zandvoort where the fans of Formula 1 and Max Verstappen come on pole position! Be prepared for a fantastic program where Max will give high speed demonstrations with a Red Bull Racing Formule One car on Saturday (18 May 2019) and Sunday (19 May 2019). It’s the only chance to see Max Verstappen driving his F1 car in the Netherlands! And it will only get better, with also Pierre Gasly driving a second F1 car during the event.

Line-up & Entry lists

The event will feature the following series:

  • Formula 1 demonstrations Max Verstappen & Pierre Gasly in Red Bull Racing F1 cars (both days)
  • Special demonstrations
  • Races: FIA WTCR (World Touring Car Cup) (3 races) – Entry List
  • Races: Mazda MX5 Cup (2 races) – Entry List
  • Races: CSN Groep YTCC – Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge – Entry List
  • Races: Superkarts – Entry List
  • Races: MAXX Formula – Entry List
  • Special Race: Jumbo Ladies GT Race – Entry List

Line-up is subject to changes.

Essay Produkties

Time schedule


Around the track

Thuis weekend there is plenty of action on track, but also many thing to see around the track. On of those examples is the WTCR Autograph Session. The location is the WTCR Paddock on position 5 on the map.


The times for these sessions are:

Saturday: 11.35 – 12.05.

Sunday: 14.30 – 15.00



Ticket info

Tickets bought in the online pre-sale are cheaper than tickets that are purchased at the ticket registers on the event days at Circuit Zandvoort. Please note! Vip-passes for the Max Verstappen Paddock Club and other vip-packages can be found at VIP Paddock Club.

Ticket type Online Pre-sale Raceday Ticket Register**
Main Grandstand (Hoofdtribune)* – Saturday 18 May € 65,00 € 69,99
Main Grandstand (Hoofdtribune)* – Saturday 18 May – child € 57,50 € 62,49
Main Grandstand (Hoofdtribune)* – Sunday 19 May € 65,00 € 69,99
Main Grandstand (Hoofdtribune)* – Sunday 19 May – child € 57,50 € 62,49
F1 Paddock – Saturday 18 May € 37,50 € 44,99
F1 Paddock – Saturday 18 May – child € 30,00 € 39,99
F1 Paddock – Sunday 19 May € 37,50 € 44,99
F1 Paddock – Sunday 19 May – child € 30,00 € 39,99

* Main Grandstand (Hoofdtribune) tickets will provide in a reserved seat on the main grandstand including entry to the F1-Paddock.

** Tickets that are sold out during the online pre-sale period, will not be available at the Raceday ticket registers.


Dune tickets will become available at a later time.


Kids can visit the event for free, when they are aged 3 or younger. They do not have the right for a personal seat on the grandstands. Kids aged 4 – 11 years, can visit the event with a Child-ticket. Visitors aged 12 year and older, need a regular entry pass.

VIP Paddock Club

Max Verstappen Paddock Club

Feel like a VIP at the Max Verstappen Paddock Club during the Jumbo Racing Days 2019!

During the Jumbo Racing Days you can be welcomed as a VIP in our Max Verstappen Paddock Club, which is located on the inside of the world famous Tarzan corner. From the large terrace with a view of the course you do not have to miss anything of the spectacular races. Of course you will be served the whole day with a snack and drink. For children up to 11 years old a discount of 24% applies to the Paddock Club package. Do not miss it and book now for the Jumbo Racing Days, driven by Max Verstappen, the event of the year!



VIP-Lounge Business Package

Especially for companies you can buy an exclusive VIP lounge, only reserved for your own personal guests, where you are on the front row to see our national Formula 1 hero, Max Verstappen in action! Give your colleagues, partners or business relations an unforgettable day during the Jumbo Racing Days. With promising demonstrations, entertainment and unique VIP benefits, this third edition promises a lot of spectacle again.


Ticket tabel

Travel advice

► For the Dutch version, click HERE


It’s expected that a lot of race fans and families will visit the “Jumbo Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen”. Therefore, the organisation expects a extra traffic and crowds around the access roads towards Zandvoort. Special travel directions and travel advice have been created for visitors of the event, in order to optimize traffic flow.


Taking public transportation to Zandvoort is the best option
The best option is to take the train to Zandvoort aan Zee. When you’ve arrived at the train station, head north via the Van Speijkstraat to the Burgemeester van Alphenstraat. That’s where you’ll find the main entrance of Circuit Zandvoort after an approximately ten minute walk.
It’s also worth considering traveling by car for the first part of your trip, and then take public transportation to Zandvoort. It’s possible to park your car around the train stations Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Heemstede and Hillegom, and take the train or bus from any of these stations to Zandvoort aan Zee. Extra and longer trains will be set up, but please take into consideration that trains might be crowded and you potentially might have to wait on the next train for a little while. Also the P&R Parking locations near the stations have a limited capacity.


Would you rather take the bus to Zandvoort? Connexxion buses drive to Circuit Zandvoort from the centre of Zandvoort regularly, and there are direct lines with Amsterdam, NS Station Haarlem Spaarnwoude and NS Station Heemstede-Aerdenhout with bus line 80.
Bus line 81 has stops at NS Station Haarlem and the parking areas in Bloemendaal aan Zee (including Koevlak) and stops right at the main entrance of Circuit Zandvoort. This line will have more and longer busses on 18 & 19 May.

Do you live in the area of Zandvoort? It’s really worth considering taking the bike to Circuit Zandvoort. There is a special bike parking on the Boulevard.


Going to Circuit Zandvoort by car
If you’re traveling to the “Jumbo Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen” by car, please keep in mind that there might be a lot of traffic on the roads leading to Zandvoort aan Zee. Plan enough time for your trip, and take into account possible delay around Heemstede, Bloemendaal and Zandvoort.

Visitors parking
If you haven’t received a parking card ahead of the event, you’re able to park your car on any of the parking areas in the town of Zandvoort (such as Boulevard Barnaart, Louis Davids Carre-centre, Parking De Zuid). Parking spots aren’t available for reservation, and are all subject to availability.
Unfortunately, there are no parking spots available at Circuit Zandvoort at the “Jumbo Racedagen, driven by Max Verstappen” (neither for the disabled), when you arrive during the event.
Please check http://www.vvvzandvoort.nl/info-zandvoort/parkeren-in-zandvoort-aan-zee/ for an overview on all parking facilities and corresponding rates. If you park on Parking De Zuid, you can use one of the free shuttle busses to the circuit.
The parking areas of Bloemendaal aan Zee are also within walking distance of Circuit Zandvoort. Aside from the areas at Bloemendaal aan Zee and Parnassia, parking is also possible at the Koevlak. (All mentioned areas are paid parking.)

Extend the fun

After the program, there might be a peak in traffic and crowds leaving the circuit area. Be smart, and stay for FIA WTCR races. To make the visit to Zandvoort even better, we advise visitors to also visit the great city centre of Zandvoort (with various bars and restaurants) or enjoy some great food with drinks and a perfect sea-view at the many beachclubs!


So you hear it from someone else!

Here you will find photos and videos of the Jumbo Racedagen event. Made for and by fans of Circuit Zandvoort.

Your photos or videos here too? Upload them to the community by stating Jumbo Racedagen.

Max Verstappen (...) Ik kon nog snel een foto maken voordat hij in zijn auto sprong voor de dem (...)
Placed by: Camiel de Hoen
2 weeks ago 2790 views - 0 reactions
Tom Coronel in actie Een opvallende eigenschap van de WTCR auto's is dat ze een blokkerend acht (...)
Placed by: Circuit Zandvoort
10 months ago 1597 views - 0 reactions
Max in actie Max verstappen raast voorbij bij het uitkomen van Bocht 10
Placed by: Bas Weijers
9 months ago 752 views - 2 reactions
Camiel de Hoen
Jumbo Racedagen
17 - 19 May
2 weeks ago
2790 views - 0 reactions
Max Verstappen – Jumbo Racedagen 2018

Ik kon nog snel een foto maken voordat hij in zijn auto sprong voor de demonstratierondes op zondag.

Circuit Zandvoort
Jumbo Racedagen
17 - 19 May
10 months ago
1597 views - 0 reactions
Tom Coronel in actie

Een opvallende eigenschap van de WTCR auto’s is dat ze een blokkerend achterwiel hebben bij het aanremmen van de bocht. (Vaak tillen ze zelfs een wieltje op!)

Hier heel duidelijk in beeld gebracht door Tom Coronel bij het ingaan van de Tarzanbocht.

Bas Weijers
Jumbo Racedagen
17 - 19 May
9 months ago
752 views - 2 reactions
Max in actie

Max verstappen raast voorbij bij het uitkomen van Bocht 10

    Bas Weijers

    Die plek is er inderdaad een om te onthouden. Een grote uitdaging daar is wel dat je maar 100 meter van het circuit ziet.

    Circuit Zandvoort

    Gave foto Bas! Je had een lekker laag plaatsje zo te zien 🙂