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New Year Race

9 January 2021


The New Year’s race marks the new start of the Winter Endurance Championship and thus the first official race on the renewed Zandvoort circuit in 2021.

The race has a maximum length of 4 hours.


► Go for more information about the Winter Endurance Championship to:

Zandvoort (NED) 6 - 7 Oct - 02 Sep 2018: Finale Races 2018

Time schedule

The timetable will be announced at a later date.


At the moment it is not yet known if spectators will be allowed to visit this race.


The entry for this race will open soon this link.

To enter the race, a valid racing license is mandatory


This event is organised by Circuit Zandvoort and the Stichting DNRT. Circuit Zandvoort
Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108
2041 KP Zandvoort
T  +31 (0)23 5 740 740

Stichting DNRT
Joop den Uyllaan 107
3119 VJ Schiedam

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