Leon Weggelaar Fotografie

RPM Live

26 July 2020


RPM Live is the live version of the magazine, which is filled with performance tuning cars, exclusive cars, sports cars and that in a dynamic setting on the Circuit of Zandvoort. On the track it is a coming and going of the fastest cars that compete against each other with the streetlegal dragraces, Dutch Time Attack and much more. From Mitsubishi Evo to Audi RS6, from Honda Civic Type R to BMW M5 and from VW Golf R to Lotus Exige.

More information: https://www.rpmlive.nl/


More information about tickets and prices is available via: www.rpmlive.nl/


This event is organised by 402 Automotive.

402 Automotive
Gors 11, 4741 TA HOEVEN
E-mail info@402automotive.com
Tel. 088-0402402 (also during events)