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Winter Endurance Series

Nov 19, Jan 07, March 4 TICKETS

About the Winter Endurance Series (WES)

The final races of the various race series will not bring an end to all the motorsport fun at the end of the year. After all, CM.com Circuit Zandvoort and the Founding DNRT organise the Winter Endurance Series in the winter period. Many races for less money. The championship traditionally kicks off with the Zandvoort 500 as followed by the Nieuwjaarsrace and the Final 4. 

This event is free for visitors. Parking tickets cost €15, -; payment is possible on arrival (pin-only).

The Winter Endurance Series has a calendar that exists out of three races. After the Zandvoort 500 (distance 500 kilometers) follows the exciting Nieuwjaarsrace, that is driven partly in the dark. The WES finalizes the winter season with the Final 4.

Saturday 19 November 2022 – Zandvoort 500

Saturday 07 January 2023 – Nieuwjaarsrace

Saturday 4 March 2023 – Final 4

The entire calendar may be subject to change. 


Division I

Division I is open to Touring Cars and GT’s with a cylinder capacity higher than 3200cc. For instance, different GT cars have proven to be very suitable for this division and so is the rapid Porsche 911 GT3 cupracer. All Touring Cars and GT’s are welcome. Prototypes and Sportscars will not be invited to limit large speed differences.

Division II

Division II is open to Touring Cars and GT’s with a cylinder capacity between 2500cc and 3200cc. The division is also opened to cars of several TCR, GT4 and BMW M2 Championships. But the BMW M3 is also suitable to contend in this division of the Winter Championship this winter. Besides this models, a large amount of cars out of the faster DNRT race division are very fitted for participation just like the faster cars of the ACNN.

Division III

Division III has a place for all cars with a cylinder capacity up to 2500cc with, for instance, cars out of several brandcups, like the Renault Clio and the popular BMW Compact cars of the DNRT. Also Diesel-driven cars that want to compete in the Winter Endurance Series and are modified can sign in for this division.

Divison IV

In division IV appear basic race cars. The most successful cars in this division are the Mazda MX5, BMW E30’s of the DNRT and the Ford Fiesta. Also the cars of the type Porsche 944 and Peugeot 206 GTI can race in this division.