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Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 1 – Tarzanbocht

One of the most famous turns at Circuit Zandvoort is the Tarzanbocht. This legendary first turn has been part of the circuit layout since 1948. From 2020 onwards, the turn has been made wider and an asphalt run-off area has been added, to help drivers come back on track when they had braking problems. The 2nd part and exit of the turn will keep its traditional gravel bed, so abusing ‘track limits’ will not be possible. Racing on the limit!

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▲ The Tarzanbocht in 1948 with, already for that period, a very challenging bend, after a long straight. Especially the gentle banking, where the top of the bend was slightly higher than the inside, made the turn even more interesting. In the 1940s there were no crash barriers or tyre stacks.

▼ In the year 2020 it looks very different now. Not only is there a paved run-off zone in line with the braking zone, but there are also more stacks of tyres at various locations. Also, as of 2020, the exit of the pit lane has been moved. Where it (until last winter) ended at the braking zone before the turn, the oit-exit is now at the exit of the Tarzan curve.

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