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Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 11 – Hans Ernst Bocht

At Circuit Zandvoort the Hans Ernst Bocht is a perfect location for overtaking opponents. After all, they drive into the corner at high speed and then it’s time to brake firmly in order to make the right turn. At the Hans Ernst Bocht a new run-off asphalt strip has been realised, the gravel bed has been renewed and new FIA fences have been installed.

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▲ In 1989, the opening of the newly constructed turn was celebrated in front of a large number of Nissan rescue vehicles. These would become the new intervention vehicles for the OCA rescue officials. The turn was then named Nissanbocht, a name that would stay connected with this turn for a long time. At the back right of the picture you can see a billboard from the former Toyotabocht. In the nineties all the Zandvoort track activities took place on the “Interim-circuit”. After the Hunserug the drivers went right into the Toyotabocht and shortly after that the Nissanbocht would follow. In 1999 the circuit would grow to full GP length again and the location of the Nissanbocht became a serious game changer, partly because of the relatively long straight that was located before the bend. In the following years the bend was also called the Audi S-bocht and S-bocht for a while. In recent years the corner is known as Hans Ernst Bocht, named after the previous circuit director Hans Ernst, who put Circuit Zandvoort back into the international motorsport spotlights from the 90’s onwards and contributed to the iconic status the circuit has today. Without the efforts of Hans Ernst, things could have gone very differently.

▼ In the year 2020, the Hans Ernst Bocht is still a spectacular location for overtaking. Because of the new ” sausage kerb”, which has been constructed according to FIA specifications, there is no advantage in cutting the corner, as the car becomes unbalanced. When drivers experience braking problems, they can use the asphalted “run-off area”, in line with the braking zone. When the vehicle has braked sufficiently, it can rejoin at the exit of the Hans Ernst Bocht via an asphalt escape road, without advantage. The gravel bed has been renewed and the curve has also been fitted with new tyre stacks and Tecpro-barriers. The second part of the Hans Ernst Bocht has also been widened, allowing more different racing lines to be driven. New FIA safety fences have been installed on both sides of the curve.

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▲ A number of participants have already visited the gravel bed. In the middle of the picture you can see the kerbstones, with behind them a slightly higher “sausage kerb”.



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