Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 12 – Hans Ernst Bocht from a different perspective

In these Track Insights the Hans Ernst Bocht is viewed from a different perspective. At the Hans Ernst Bocht a new run-off asphalt strip has been constructed, the gravel bed has been renewed and new FIA fences have been installed.

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▲ In Track Insights 11 the construction of the Hans Ernst Bocht in 1989 was mentioned. In the aerial photo above you can see more of the circuit in the 90s. You can see the main straight followed by the famous Tarzanbocht. On the left side of the picture you can see the old main grandstand, while along that same straight you can spot the old pit building. After the Tarzanbocht, Gerlachbocht (which is partly not visible because of billboards), Hugenholtzbocht and Hunserug, the circuit continued towards the Toyotabocht the “first” bend of the “new” Interim circuit. On the right side of the picture you can still see a part of the old circuit, which went into the direction of the Rob Slotemaker bend. After the Toyotabocht (the right hand turn, which offered an extra challenge because of the height deviation), a short straight followed, to let the drivers brake for the Nissanbocht. In the later years the turn would also be called Audi S-Bocht and S-Bocht, and then transformed into the current Hans Ernst Bocht.


▼ From above you can clearly see the current adjustments of the Hans Ernst Bocht. The tire stacks from the 90’s, which could still be seen on the inside of the first part, were replaced in the following years by a “Ludwig counter”. In the end, this metal platform, which was intended to prevent cutting off, was replaced last winter by a “sauceage kerb” which, according to FIA specifications, further discourages cutting off because of the extra imbalance that drivers will experience. At the end of the asphalted “run-off area”, in line with the braking zone, there are new tire stacks. New Tecpro-barriers have been placed just in front of these tire stacks, which will absorb most of the energy (released in a crash). The gravel bed has been renewed, while behind the gravel bed there is a “escape road”, which allows cars to safely re-join after the turn (without any advantage). The second part of the Hans Ernst Bocht has also been widened, allowing more different race lines to be driven. At the exit of the Hans Ernst Bocht a new “Double Kerb” has been placed, so that “Track Limits”-violations are no longer an advantage.

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▲ The “Double Kerb” at the exit of the Hans Ernst Bocht.



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