Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 15 – Entry pitlane

Not only a number of turns have been changed last winter. Also at the entrance of the pitlane a number of changes can be spotted.


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▲ In 1969, the entrance to the pit lane was marked with some paint stripes on the asphalt. It was only a few metres before the starting tower at that time that the pitlane and the straight section were split from each other by a crash barrier. On the left you can see the old main grandstand, while on the horizon you can see the large billboards in the Tarzan curve. The pit complex in 1969 consisted of simple garages, without doors and without an upper floor. On both sides, the trackside fencing consisted of wooden poles with mesh.

▼ In the year 2020 a lot of things have changed at the pit entry. For example, an extra asphalt lane is available so that drivers can drive safely into the pit lane, while making room for the participants heading towards the finish line at full throttle. New FIA safety fences have been installed on both sides of the straight. Tecpro barriers have been installed at the start of the new pit wall. The Pit Entry lane has also been widened, so that any participant that has come to a standstill at the entrance of the pit lane, can be overtaken safely.

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