Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 16 – Exit pitlane

Where the previous Track Insights informed fans about the renewed Pit Entry, this time we’re looking at the changes at the Pit Exit.


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▲ In 1969 Circuit Zandvoort had a short pit lane, which was separated with crash barriers. As soon as these crash barriers stopped, this formed the end point of the pitlane. The result was that, after a pit stop, drivers could merge with the fast traffic in the braking zone of the famous Tarzanbocht (Turn 1). While the drivers often drove at high speed on the left side of the straight, after the pit stop the drivers entered from the right side. In later years the pitlane would become longer and a solid paint line provided a safer entry option. Until 2019 drivers always merged before the Tarzanbocht

▼ Since the year 2020, several changes can be noticed when driving out of the pit lane. For example, a new concrete wall was installed at the location of the pit exit at the request of the FIA. This wall extends halfway the Tarzanbocht. The white line marking the new pit exit lane continues until the exit of the Tarzan curve. Drivers will only be able to rejoin, after the exit of the Tarzanbocht (towards Turn 2 – Gerlachbocht).

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▲ Tim Burgmeijer of Aerial Footage Holland made a nice overview picture of the new pit-exit of Circuit Zandvoort. Halfway the Tarzan curve the concrete wall stops. After the solid line, drivers are allowed to re-enter the track.

▼ A picture of Essay Produkties with the situation when approaching the Tarzanbocht.

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