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Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 3 – Hugenholtzbocht

After two curves to the right, the third turn of the circuit of Zandvoort just turns left: the Hugenholtz bend. From 2020 the corner will be wider and there will also be an asphalted run-off area. But the most impressive element of the Hugenholtzocht is of course the new banked style corner, which is a real challenge for both rookies and experienced racers.

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▲ Since the opening year in 1948, the corner has been part of the circuit. After a few years the turn would be named after the first circuit director: Hans Hugenholtz. Although the drivers came to the Hugenholtzbocht at high speed, the main focus of the drivers was on the exit of the corner. After all, this was where they could generate the most speed towards Hunserug and Scheivlak. In the early years, the Hugenholtzbocht was surrounded by wooden fencing or bales of straw, in later years by piles of tyres. A gentle camber, in which the outside of the curve was slightly higher than the inside, made for an extra challenging shape of the bend.

▼ In the year 2020 it looks very different. Not only has an asphalted run-off zone been realised on the outside of the curve, the companies of VolkerWessels in collaboration with Dromo Circuit Design have also delivered a true metamorphosis here. The Hugenholtzbocht has been converted into a sparkling banked curve. Extra special is the progressive banking, in which the outside of the bend has a higher gradient compared to the inside. The result: different racing lines, which, depending on the situation, can give a different result each time. Also, the turn has been widened and fitted with new kerbstones. The new elements added together also provide in a higher ‘exit speed’, with which the sprint towards the Hunserug will result in even more fireworks.

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