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Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 4 – Hunserug

When the drivers have discovered the best racing line in the renewed Hugenholtzbocht, the speed will be increased towards the Hunserug. The dune-hillside, with a mild but extremely fast curve to the right, is equipped with new asphalt and new FIA fences. Drivers will also see the new Dutch Grand Prix Lounge on the right side of the track.

Archive Hans Hugenholtz

▲ The Hunserug was included in the design when the circuit was built in 1948. The idea followed partly on the advice of Cas Hunse, involved with the KNMV, to let a part of the circuit run over a dune ridge. Eventually the Hunserug would form one of the highest points of the circuit of Zandvoort. On the photo from 1969, you can see how wooden poles with mesh formed the track fence. In the 90’s the circuit would bend sharper right here (in its Interim-period) to the former Toyotabocht.

▼ The upgrade of Circuit Zandvoort for 2020 also brought changes at the Hunserug. Not only has a new layer of asphalt been realised, new FIA fences have also been placed on the right-hand side. On the left side (not visible on the photo) a new marshal post has been realised, in accordance with FIA guidelines. The former Toyotabocht, in recent years known as Clubs Corner, has been removed, creating more space for a larger visitors platform at Paddock Hill, including the Dutch Grand Prix Lounge.

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