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Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 5 – Slotemakerbocht

After the fast Hunserug, Zandvoort’s “dune rollercoaster” becomes even more exciting. The circuit continues at high speed towards the Slotemaker turn. Safety features have been adapted at various locations here, but the challenging and unique character of Turn 5 remains unchanged.

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▲ Since the opening year in 1948, the bend has been part of the circuit. The corner was given its current name after 1979, when motorsports specialist Rob Slotemaker was killed in a touring car race at this location. The corner has been known as impressive since the early years. Although the drivers arrived at the Slotemakerbocht at a very high speed, their main focus was on the last part of the corner. After all, on an almost ‘blind’ part of the circuit, the drivers headed towards the famous Scheivlak. In 1954, wooden poles and mesh formed the separation between circuit track and public locations. In the period from 1990 to 1999 there was no racing on this section. Then the circuit turned right after the Hunserug towards the former Club’s Corner, part of the Interim-circuit.

▼ Nowadays, the challenging and undulating shape of the Slotemakerbocht is still clearly visible. The chicane from 1999 on the right side has been retained, for example for motor training and driving skills activities. A new track post has been placed on the right-hand side, in accordance with FIA guidelines. Finally, in the chicane most of the gravel bed has been replaced by grass and the last part has been asphalted, so that small mistakes at high speeds can be dealt with safely. The section towards the Scheivlak retains its exciting and challenging features.

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