Circuit Zandvoort Track Insights 6 – Scheivlak

When the drivers have reached one of the fastest locations of Circuit Zandvoort, it is time to challenge the Scheivlak. The demanding fast corner is equipped with new gravel bed, new FIA fences and tyre stacks. The shape and challenge of the corner remains unchanged.

© Archive Hans Hugenholtz

▲ From the first race at Circuit Zandvoort, the Scheivlak is part of the track. The legendary bend started at the top of a dune hill and then ran with a sloping shape to the right. The 1969 photo shows how wooden poles with gauze formed the track fence, while on the right side a higher verge had to force the cars onto the asphalt. Bearing in mind that the drivers had been driving through this at high speeds since 1948, this gives all the more meaning to the statement many drivers made about the corner: the turn where the heroes distinguish themselves from regular drivers.

▼ The upgrade of Circuit Zandvoort for 2020 has also brought changes at Scheivlak. Not only has the gravel bed been renewed, new FIA fences have also been placed on the left side. In addition, part of the metal crash barrier has been replaced by a wall, with the wall sections themselves being fitted with a large number of tyre stacks. The kerbs have also been replaced, as well as a repositioning of the track post. However, the legendary and challenging shape of the curve remains unchanged and still requires that special dose of guts and skills, just as it demanded of the drivers in all previous years.

We’ll be shifting up a gear soon, towards the next Track Insights!