Parking at Circuit Zandvoort

The event area of Circuit Zandvoort has multiple parking areas with the capacity for a few thousand cars. During most events, visitors can park their car at one of those areas for a fee. The saying full = full is valid here. Visitors need to follow the signs Parking B/C, unless mentioned otherwise. The access roads to Zandvoort can be more busy than usual during race events.

During big race events, like the Familie Racedagen driven by Max Verstappen, Zandvoort Masters, DTM, and the Historix Grand Prix Zandvoort, it is not possible to park at the circuit area. In case there are no or no more parking spaces available at Circuit Zandvoort, visitors can always go to the parking areas of the municipality of Zandvoort. These parking areas can be found at Boulevard Barnaart (close to the beach), Fauvageolein, the garage in the centre of the town and Parking De Zuid. The municipality of Zandvoort usually charges a set fee during the whole year.

Tips for sunny weather

Car drivers need to take into account that a circuit event can be on the same day as a (sunny) beach day, which could cause traffic jams. Plan your trip carefully and calculate in some extra time for delays. The number of available parking spots are limited on these beach days. Please take into consideration to travel the last bit by public transport.

When is it not possible to park at Circuit Zandvoort?

In 2017, it is not possible to park at Circuit Zandvoort during the following events:

  • Zandvoort Masters Weekend
  • Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort
  • DTM
  • Familie Racedagen driven by Max Verstappen


Traffic plan

Pay attention to the website during special events. In some cases, an adjusted parking advice will be given. Always check the webpage of the specific event for the latest advice.

Click here for a map of the route, A4 format. Handy for in the car!

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