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In August 2020, CM.com joined Circuit Zandvoort as a naming partner. The partnership is the result of the collaboration between CM.com and the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.

For CM.com, Circuit Zandvoort is a unique location where sports and different target groups come together and where online contact connects with live communication. Where CM.com connects companies worldwide to customers/visitors via their mobile phone, CM.com Circuit Zandvoort connects companies and visitors through the emotion of (motor) sport. The combination of the passion for sports from CM.com, the love for technology from CM.com Circuit Zandvoort and the way in which online and live communication come together, is the origin of this partnership.

As partners, CM.com and Circuit Zandvoort are taking the next step in the digital transition of the iconic dune circuit. CM.com's smart mobile communication and payment solutions ensure an optimal fan experience throughout the visitor's customer journey. With this technology, the event visitor can be proactively informed with relevant, personalized information. In this way, CM.com Circuit Zandvoort wants to offer every event visitor a VIP experience.

CM.com is not to be missed on the track, the start and finish arc on the main straight of the track, the CM.com corner (turn 10) and the grandstand are in CM.com style.

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As a partner towards the future

Progress takes teamwork. That is why we like to work together at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. Strategically towards the future: become a supplier, use the circuit as a field lab or become a partner at an event. Naturally, a partnership offers fixed advantages. Together we look at which collaboration fits best.

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