Paddock regulations

At Circuit Zandvoort, specific paddock regulations apply during most events. These guidelines were introduced to guarantee more safety in the paddock areas. Furthermore, some of the other rules were introduced to be up to standard on the national environmental regulations. A better environment is also aspired at the circuit.

In the paddock regulations, the rules are described concerning: gas cylinders and how to protect it, storage locations for inflammables such as oil and fuel and re-fuelling. Besides those regulations, there is attention for transporting sewage and the assembly point for oil residue.

Finally, the regulations also provide information regarding the maximum speed in the pit lane and the use of the pit boxes.

Paddock Reglement 2015 (PDF)

Gebruiksvergunning inrichtingen bij evenementen (PDF)


Circuit Zandvoort has noise limitations regulations. These rules are applicable to all the exploitation days. The circuit receives twelve days with a broader standard, they can produce more noise in these twelve days. More information can be found on this page.