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Visit CM.com Circuit Zandvoort

CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is not only known for its legendary races and fantastic atmosphere, the Zandvoort race track is also famous for its unique location. With the beach just around the corner and a magical course in the dunes of Zandvoort, it's a feast for every race fan to visit CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. You can reach the circuit in several ways.

Public transport


Zandvoort is easily accessible by train, partly due to the train connection between Amsterdam, Haarlem and Den Haag. CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is a 10-minute walk from the NS-station named 'Zandvoort aan Zee'. At the station square you have to turn right and walk in the direction of the Van Speijkstraat. At the end of that road you'll have to cross the road diagonally and walk past the gas station. From here, you can follow the Burgemeester van Alphenstraat for about 500 meters. Then you'll see the entrance to the CM.com Circuit Zandvoort on your right hand.


CM.com Circuit Zandvoort is also very well accessible by bus. There is a bus that departs on regular times from the center of Zandvoort to the event site of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. There is also a bus (bus line 80) that departs from NS Station Haarlem-Spaarnwoude. You can reach Haarlem-Spaarnwoude by train from Amsterdam. Finally, there is a bus connection that stops right in front of the main entrance of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort. This bus, bus line 81, departs from NS Station Haarlem.

By car

Use the following address for your navigation:

CM.com Circuit Zandvoort
Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108
2041 KP Zandvoort

This is the address that leads to the main entrance of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort.

No navigation? From the A9 highway, follow the signs 'Zandvoort' (via the exit Haarlem-Zuid - N205) and then the N201 in the direction of Zandvoort. You can also choose the Haarlem exit (via A200) on the A9 to drive to Zandvoort via the N200.

NB.: Special travel advices will be used for a number of events.


The event areas of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort include several parking areas.

If there are no public events, parking is often for free. Standardly, the visitor parking is Parking A.

Paid parking applies at almost all events. In this case, there is a limited parking space, so full = full. If parking isn't a possibility at the site of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, you can use the parking areas of the Municipality of Zandvoort nearby.

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