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Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix


Sport marketing agencies SportVibes and TIG Sports worked together with Circuit Zandvoort to get the Dutch Grand Prix back to our country. These three parties together form the private company DGP Race BV since 2019. Since then, the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix and Circuit Zandvoort have been inextricably linked.

Besides the fact that the Dutch Grand Prix takes place annually at Circuit Zandvoort, the Dutch Grand Prix head office is also located at our location. In addition, the Dutch Grand Prix Office is located in the VIP gallery above our pit boxes. Some of our colleagues also have a dual role: they work for both Circuit Zandvoort and the Dutch Grand Prix.

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As a partner towards the future

Progress takes teamwork. That is why we like to work together at Circuit Zandvoort. Strategically towards the future: become a supplier, use the circuit as a field lab or become a partner at an event. Naturally, a partnership offers fixed advantages. Together we look at which collaboration fits best.

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Partners from Circuit Zandvoort

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