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Circuit Zandvoort supports development programs

As an organization, Circuit Zandvoort is committed to international developments in sustainable technology. By working together with ambitious young people from the university teams, the organization has the mission to make an impact on social themes and technological developments.

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Forze Hydrogen Racing


This hydrogen racing team of TU Delft students designs and builds racing vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Forze's mission is to show the wider public the possibilities of green and hydrogen technology in motorsport.

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InMotion is a team consisting of more than 50 students from Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys Hogescholen from Eindhoven. InMotion wants to accelerate the energy transition within mobility by making charging electric cars as fast as refueling a petrol or diesel car, removing the barrier for many to drive electric.

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Brunel Solar Team

Solar power

This team of ambitious students from TU Delft designs and builds a solar-powered racing car to participate in solar races worldwide. With their sustainable vehicle, they race in the international 'Sasol Solar Challenge' in South Africa.

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