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Would you like to give a talk about Circuit Zandvoort? Here you will find all kinds of facts about the circuit and its history. Collect the most important information and turn it into a beautiful story!

A short piece of history

The first race in the village of Zandvoort took place on June 3, 1939. This was a street race. The event was a success and led to the construction of a permanent circuit. Circuit Zandvoort (then: the Circuit of Zandvoort) opened in 1948. On August 7, 1948, the first race was held at the new circuit. Well-known corner such as Tarzanbocht, Hunserug and Scheivlak were already part of the circuit.

Would you like to know more about the history of Circuit Zandvoort?


  • Bassie and Adriaan, the A-Team and André van Duin all made movies at the track.
  • Stunt pilot Frank Versteegh landed an airplane on the main straight in 2010.
  • Many famous drivers won a Formula 3 race in Zandvoort. David Coulthard, Jos Verstappen, Tom Coronel, Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen, among others, stood on the highest step of the podium.
  • The circuit has a length of 4.3 kilometers.
  • Circuit Zandvoort is the only circuit on the Formula 1 calendar with one or more banked corners.
  • Turn 3 - the Hugenholtzbocht - is a banked corner with a bevel of 18%, or 32 degrees.
  • Turn 14 - the Arie Luyendykbocht - is also a banked corner. This one also has a bevel of 18% (32 degrees).
  • The circuit is only a few hundred meters away from the beach and the center of Zandvoort.
  • There is more than 2.500 meters of gravel on the track.
  • The tire stacks contain more than 45.000 tires.
  • Because Circuit Zandvoort is located in the dunes, marram grass grows around the track. Marram grass only grows in dune areas and has the function of retaining the dune sand.
  • There are approximately 700 meters of curb stones on the circuit.
  • There are 28 pit boxes at the circuit.
  • The main stand has more than 2.700 seats.
  • The asphalt layer of the circuit is called 'Flying Dutch.'
  • Max Verstappen drove the fastest lap ever at Circuit Zandvoort: 1:08.885 during qualifying for the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix. The official (race) lap record is held by Lewis Hamilton: 1:11,097. Sir Lewis set this time during the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix.
  • Jos Verstappen had his birthday on the day that son Max reopened Circuit Zandvoort (4 March 2020).
  • Jim Clark holds the record for most Grand Prix victories in Zandvoort. The Briton won no less than four times. (1963, 1964, 1965 and 1967).
  • The main grand stand opened in 1999.
  • Between 1989 and 1998, Circuit Zandvoort had a shortened layout. The circuit only 2.5 kilometers long.
  • James Hunt scored his first Grand Prix victory in Zandvoort in 1975. Niki Lauda, ​​on the other hand, scored his last, ten years later (1985).
  • There are 16 VIP lounges above our pit lane. In addition, Bernie's Bar & Kitchen and the Media Center are also located on the gallery above the pit lane.
  • The pit lane has a length of 150 meters, the maximum speed is 60 kilometers per hour.
  • Several DJs made (video clip) recordings on Circuit Zandvoort. Armin van Buuren, Don Diablo and Brennan Heart, among others, provided a spectacle.
  • Special (alternative) events take place on the circuit every year, such as a scooter race, running event and a cycling round.


Circuit Zandvoort has fourteen corners:

1. Tarzanbocht

2. Gerlachbocht

3. Hugenholtzbocht

4. Hunserug

5. Slotemakerbocht

6. & 7. Scheivlak

8. Mastersbocht

9. Bocht 9

10. Circuit Zandvoort bocht

11. & 12. Hans Ernst chicane

13. Bocht 13

14. Arie Luyendykbocht

More information about our corners:

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Luchtfotos C Mcom Circuit Zandvoort Chris Schotanus 0005 A38 I8855
Luchtfotos C Mcom Circuit Zandvoort Chris Schotanus 0009 A38 I8742
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300 days of action

Where many people think that a Formula 1 Grand Prix only takes place in Zandvoort one weekend a year, much more happens every day. Examples of this are:

  • Track days. You can participate in amateur races, get your racing license or drive 'just' laps (on the designated days).
  • Business events. Companies and organizations organize meetings, company outings, conferences and more at Circuit Zandvoort. This both on off track and in the many luxurious lounges at the site.
  • Sim racing. Racesquare Circuit Zandvoort has been part of the circuit since 2021. At Racesquare you can enjoy a round of (digital) racing in a Formula 1 car every day.
  • Mountain biking and hiking. There is both a hiking trail and a mountain bike trail around the circuit.
  • Food and drinks. Circuit Zandvoort has several catering locations such as Mickey's Bar, Bernie's Bar & Kitchen and the Paddock Bar.
  • Shopping. Our track shop is located at the heart of the circuit, where you can go daily to score the latest merchandise and racing clothing.


As an organization, Circuit Zandvoort is committed to developments in sustainable technology internationally. We work with students who are involved in the development of environmentally conscious racing and road cars. These student teams use the circuit as a test location.

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