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Persons with a disability

Accessibility for disabled people

Circuit Zandvoort wants all race fans to feel welcome and to enjoy the racing spectacle just as much as any other visitor. On this page you will find additional information for disabled people, whereby Circuit Zandvoort takes its responsibility for facilities for disabled people very seriously.

If you also have questions about facilities for the disabled, or comments for improvement, you can send them to info@circuitzandvoort.nl.

Parking Form

Sight spots for wheelchair holders

Wheelchair holders (if provided with the correct admission tickets) have access to the entire paddock area where the race teams are lined up. There are also special visibility locations where the people with a disability sit close by the action and don't miss anything from the spectacle on the track.


A limited number of reserved parking spaces on paved surfaces are available behind the main grandstand (in Parking A).

To park here, a valid parking card for people with a disability must be visible with your car. To be able to park, you must take into account the type of event you wish to visit and you must be in possession of a valid parking ticket.

  • for the GT World Challenge Europe, ADAC GT Masters and Historic Grand Prix you must submit a parking space application in good time (at least two weeks in advance) prior to the event via the online form (at the bottom of this page).
  • at recreational sports races (including WES and DNRT) you can usually park at the paddock. This partly depends on the parking layout that organizers/tenants use on the event site.

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