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House Rules

On this page you will find the general house rules of CM.com Circuit Zandvoort.

Article 1. Legislation and regulations

First of all, the Dutch legislation and the APV of the municipality of Zandvoort apply to the event site. Visitors to events at the CM.com Circuit Zandvoort, including the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix (hereinafter referred to as: event) must behave in accordance with public order, good morals and decency during their stay at the event site. Visitors to this event are obliged to adhere to the regulations and/or instructions of the organization, security, medical team and other parties involved in the event on the event site. Threats, assault, intimidation, discrimination and other forms of aggression are prohibited. The use of (soft) drugs is not allowed. In the event of misconduct, disturbances, urinating in public and/or violation of the house rules, visitors and/or participants will be removed from the event site. If the carrying of weapons, theft, public violence or other legal violations is established, the police will be notified and reported.

Everyone who is in the paddock, on the track or in hospitality areas must comply with the regulations applicable to the event of that relevant (sub) location.

Article 2. Own risk and liability

Visiting the event site is entirely at your own risk. Visitors acknowledge that car races, the event and certain activities related to the event may be dangerous and agree to participate at their own risk. Neither the event organization (and all their personnel), CM.com Circuit Zandvoort (and all their personnel), suppliers (and all their personnel), nor the municipality of Zandvoort are liable for any damage caused by visiting the event or the loss and/or theft of any property during the visit to the event.

Damage to (temporary) objects or property and people (visitors/staff) of the event will be reclaimed from the source.

Article 3. Searching, bag checking and identification

The organization is entitled to search visitors at the entrance or during the duration of the event, to inspect hand luggage, bags and/or jackets and/or to ask for identification. In case of refusal, access to the event site may be denied and there is a chance of being removed from the event site.

Article 4. Access and cards

Access to the closed event site is only possible on presentation of a valid admission ticket, in combination with identification and in combination with meeting the Covid-19 requirements. The minimum age for independently attending the event is 16 years. Younger visitors are only allowed access when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

Access to the event site is refused to persons:

  • Which in any form cause nuisance and/or aggressiveness.
  • Those in possession and/or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Those in possession of weapons. In that case, the police will be called in.
  • Which cause nuisance to the environment in any form.
  • Wearing clothing of football clubs, expressions of motorcycle clubs (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) and/or clothing with nationalistic signs or expressions, with the exception of national football shirts.

All entrance tickets to the event must be registered prior to the event in order to:

  • Checks will be made at the entrances of the closed event site to see whether the name on the entrance ticket corresponds to the name of the ID shown.
  • Each entrance ticket is valid for one or more (passe-partout & weekend) days and gives access to the event site and the grandstand or zone/sector indicated on the entrance ticket. It is not self-evident that you can move freely from one grandstand or zone/sector to another. Ticket holders who leave the event site in the meantime should check out at the exit on departure in order to be able to gain access again later.

The organization is entitled to refuse visitors or to remove them from the site if a visitor does not comply with the regulations referred to in the first article or these house rules. After removal from the site, the visitor no longer has access to the site.

In the interest of public order and safety, the organization reserves the right to request visitors to leave the location at any time for safety reasons. After the event, (re)admission is no longer allowed.

Article 5. Prohibited goods

It is not allowed to bring the following items to the event site:

  • bags larger than A4 size and thicker than 10 cm (bags for press/medical affairs are labeled and checked)
  • soft or hard drugs
  • nitrous oxide
  • glassware
  • percussion
  • thrust or firearms or mounted on weapons similar or offensive objects
  • flags with a stick longer than one meter
  • aerosol cans (with the exception of sunscreen, deodorant and perfume)
  • gas stoves and (disposable) barbecues
  • umbrellas (we recommend bringing ponchos as a precaution)
  • musical instruments, sound carriers and bells or similar items
  • fireworks or torches
  • provocative expressions on clothing
  • cool boxes
  • (foldable) chairs and stools
  • any items that are too large to fit under a grandstand seat,
  • pets (except assistance dogs)
  • roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, hoverboards, scooters, bicycles, (moped) scooters
  • advertising material such as flyers, leaflets, banners (unless approved and with permission by the organization)
  • professional film, photo or audio equipment (unless approved and provided with accreditation by the organization)
  • selfie sticks
  • drones (both on the ground and in the air)

All collected items are thrown away in the specially provided waste containers and are not taken into custody.

Article 6. Food and drinks

As with other events and festivals, it is also not allowed to bring your own food and drinks (with the exception of baby food and food with medical necessity). Together with our catering partner, we offer a varied and delicious range of food and drinks on the event site

Article 7. Hearing protection

The organization recommends wearing hearing protection. Hearing protection is for sale at the event site.

Article 8. Alcohol

Visitors under the age of 18 are prohibited from purchasing, accepting or consuming alcoholic beverages. Show your identification when prompted. The organization reserves the right not to sell alcohol in the event of misconduct or intoxication.

Article 9. Smoking

Smoking is not allowed on the event site. Smoking causes nuisance to others. Smoking also harms your health, is addictive and can be fatal.

Article 10. Advertising and promotion

It is prohibited to distribute folders, flyers or other (advertising) items on and around the site without permission from the organization. Also, no interviews may be conducted, research conducted or (non-)commercial promotions may be made without permission from the organization. For the avoidance of doubt, no brand that could be aimed at promotional or marketing purposes may be displayed by any ticket holder at the event. Unless expressly authorized in advance by the organization. The removal costs are recovered from the distributor.Within the event site it is not allowed to seek association (eg by means of advertising, marketing campaign, promotion, etc.) with regard to the event, the organization, FOM, Formula 1, CM.com Circuit Zandvoort or any other commercial entity.

Article 11. Recording photo and film

Photo, film and sound recordings will be made during the event. When entering the event site, visitors tacitly give permission to the organization and third parties to register, reproduce, publish and/or use these recordings for promotion and security purposes. This also includes (camera) registration in the context of maintaining public order and safety on the event site.

Making recordings with professional equipment and/or professional sound equipment by visitors is not permitted without permission or issued accreditation from the organization. Filming using smartphones and small recording equipment for own use is allowed.

Article 12. Contact

In the event of a life-threatening situation, call 112. In the event of a calamity or incident, please contact CM.com Circuit Zandvoort on +31 (0)23 5 740 740.

Article 13. Other

These House Rules are subject to any additional security, public order and safety requirements imposed by the government or by decision of the organization itself. The organization is therefore authorized at all times to change these house rules unilaterally and will subsequently publish the amended house rules on the website www.circuitzandvoort.nl.

Article 14. Unforeseen situation

In situations for which the house rules do not provide, the organization decides about possible measures to be taken.


Photography is allowed for personal purposes only. Images may not be used commercially (sale to or sharing with commercial parties, but this also includes foundations and non-profit organizations), without permission / media accreditation from Circuit Zandvoort. The same conditions also apply to video recordings. Photography or videography with drones or other remote controlled equipment is not allowed for safety reasons.


Video and/or photo recordings with drones are not allowed for safety reasons.

CM.com Circuit Zandvoort reserves the right to grant an exceptional permission to a professional and recognized party, provided this is requested in a timely manner and in writing. Without permission and granted license, you risk a fine and will be reported to supervisory authorities, because it concerns a violation of the security regulations and privacy of those involved.

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