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Media Accreditation Criteria

Media access at Circuit Zandvoort requires special media cards and accreditations. Without valid proof it is not allowed to make photo and/or video recordings at the terrain or along the track.


1. Cards & Procedure

For media access during various events at Circuit Zandvoort there are special media cards are required. The media accreditation criteria applies to all events (unless otherwise stated). There is a strict limit on the number of media accreditations available per day (and may vary). Applications that meet all the conditions can still be rejected based on this limit. Submitting an application does not guarantee that accreditation will be granted. Media representatives should be aware of this before submitting an application. In addition, they should understand that an accreditation for a previous event is not a guarantee of being accredited for subsequent events.

1.1 Annual cards
Until further notice, no Annual Media Tickets will be issued by Circuit Zandvoort.

1.2 Tickets per event

You can use the online accreditation form. Your application will be assessed against the media accreditation criteria, which are described on this webpage. Due to limited space in the Media Center, a maximum of two accreditations will be issued per medium, including a maximum of 1 photo accreditation.

1.3 Special application procedures

For special (international) events, media representatives should use an alternative method for their application, instead of the online accreditation form. These special events will be featured on this page in due course:

- GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS

- ADAC GT Masters

- Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

- Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort

1.4 Deadlines
Applications for media accreditation must be submitted no later than ten working days prior to the event, unless stated otherwise.

2 General principles

All instructions from track personnel, officials, security personnel and personnel of municipal and/or provincial authorities must be followed promptly and strictly. It is never allowed to be in front of the security barriers during a training/race. Crossing the track during training or competition is also not allowed. Entering the circuit area is entirely at your own risk. By just entering, the accredited person unconditionally accepts that the operator of Circuit Zandvoort (its tenants, sub-organizers, promoters, employees, officials, teams, drivers and other parties involved) is not liable (as well as the other parties mentioned) for the damage or injury to the goods or persons regardless of how the damage or injury arose.

3 Basis for accreditation

In the interest of journalistic activities, media cards will only be issued to publications/agencies that wish to publish about the event in question and that meet the accreditation criteria below. An order must be submitted and approved in advance. Stock photography is not possible in this situation. It must also be clear prior to the event in which insurance situation the applicant is. Information about insurance, whether or not organized by the applicant's client, must be provided on request.

3.1 Newspapers and other print media
Representatives of newspapers and other print media must meet the following criteria:
3.1.1. Be registered as a journalist / photographer (NVJ, NSP, DAPA, etc.) and in possession of a recognized press card
3.1.2. Have a accompanying letter from editor-in-chief / client on official medium's letterhead.
3.1.3. Professional experience with previous motorsport events, with no reports of unprofessional behaviour.
3.1.4. Evidence of income from previous motorsport related publications.
3.1.5. At least 6 publications from the past 12 months or another specified period, whereby the publications must be relevant to a certain series or an event. (if requested).
3.1.6. Media representatives who are active in a local area (or have a local target audience) are basically not eligible for media accreditation unless valid (and sufficient) reasons can be provided.
3.1.7. A photo press agency is only eligible for accreditation if a reasonable guarantee of publication can be offered prior to the event (an editorial assignment from the medium that wishes to use the images must therefore be submitted). In principle, a maximum of 5 photo press agencies are allowed per event.

3.2 Television and radio
The (internet) broadcaster must meet the following criteria:
3.2.1. Recognized audiovisual medium, of which all employees can submit accident insurance (or the editors can show a covering permit).
3.2.2. Extract from the Chamber of Commerce as a professional (internet) broadcaster
3.2.3. The relevant (internet) broadcaster must have at least 3 employees in permanent employment
3.2.4. Commitment that the broadcast / report on USB stick / via web link will be sent to Circuit Zandvoort no later than 1 month after the event.
3.2.5. For safety reasons, video and/or photo recordings with drones are not allowed, unless the relevant camera team can provide sufficient reasons and can submit written documents showing that the driver is professional and is in possession of the correct documents for both the drone, as operating it. Any permits must also be requested in good time from the government authorities. Finally, a sufficiently covering insurance must be taken out and a “drone recording fee” of € 450 ex VAT must be paid.
3.2.6. Media that are active in a local area (or have a local target audience) are basically not eligible for media accreditation unless valid (and sufficient) reasons can be provided.
3.2.7. There is a limit to the number of camera crews allowed. When this limit is reached, the media accreditation committee makes a decision which crews can be admitted. There is no right to accreditation.
3.2.8. Depending on the event and the subjects to be filmed, Circuit Zandvoort can charge costs for a video license. This license must be paid for prior to the event.
It is allowed to accredit 1 person for the entire camera / recording team (maximum 4 people in total), provided the names of the other members are known. These members can be named in the “NOTE” box of the accreditation form. However, all members of the team must sign a personal indemnity on the spot.

3.3 Internet sites & online media
Websites will be assessed on the following criteria when applying for accreditation:
3.3.1. Professional working website
3.3.2. Registration certificate from the Chamber of Commerce (additional: with at least 2 employees in permanent employment)
3.3.3. National motorsport must be broadly supported, especially with OWN editorial contributions
3.3.4. At least 75% of the press releases must be rewritten in your own words.
3.3.5. At least 4100 unique visitors per day. Statistics will have to be sent on request. The statistics (preferably prepared by an independent monitoring party, e.g. Google Analytics), should easily show how many unique visitors the website has had in a certain period.
3.3.6. Published race reports contain more information than just an interpretation of the race results.
3.3.7. Websites that operate in a local area (or have a local target audience) are not eligible for media accreditation unless there is a valid reason to do so.
3.3.8. Accompanying letter (in PDF) from editor-in-chief / client on official medium's letterhead.
3.3.9. Professional experience with previous motorsport events, with no reports of unprofessional behaviour.
3.3.10. Social media pages (Facebook/Instagram etc.) cannot be accepted as a basis for media accreditation. However, a social media channel can be used as an extension of an already established medium, provided this recognized medium meets the other media accreditation criteria.
NB. Websites that exist primarily through advertising revenue are not qualified as “professional”. Social media pages and websites with stock photography or image banks cannot be nominated as a basis for media accreditation either.

4 Media on behalf of teams/drivers/sponsors

More and more often teams are calling on their own photographer or PR employee. Because, in principle, there is no guarantee of publication here, the following conditions apply.

4.1 Team/Riders/Sponsor Media Base Condition (TRS Media)

In principle, no media cards are issued to employees of sponsors, suppliers, teams and drivers, unless the person concerned can provide sufficient evidence that a media card is a requirement (for example, guarantee of publication in a recognized medium with sufficient reach and circulation) and the accreditation limit (the maximum number of media cards and photo vests to be issued) has not yet been reached. Evidence documents must be submitted with the application, as well as a copy of the press card and insurance. When awarded, national TRS publications are given priority over regional, followed by local.

4.2 Award of accreditation to team/riders/sponsor media (TRS media)
If a TRS media accreditation is awarded, the following rules apply: Media representatives of a team, rider and/or sponsor must obtain their access card through the race team or rider they work for. Subsequently, an accreditation application must be submitted via the online accreditation form. In case of allocation, the access card can be exchanged for a media card in the media center. A media card must be requested no later than ten working days prior to the event. A maximum of 1 entry ticket will be awarded per race team, provided the application meets the general accreditation requirements. Unfortunately, it is not possible to exchange an admission ticket for a media ticket without prior request. TRS media are not eligible for a Media Parking Card and must obtain the parking card through the client.

4.3 Photography work by team/drivers/sponsor media (TRS media)
If a TRS media representative wishes a photo vest and sufficient reasons have been provided for this (see 4.1 and 4.2), this is possible for a fee of € 30.00 per race weekend. The applicant will then receive 1 photo vest and will have limited access to locations along the track during the qualifiers. TRS media will not have photo access during races and demonstrations. The fee will have to be paid when the photo vest is picked up. It goes without saying that in this situation, too, the accreditation limit determines whether or not a photo vest is awarded. If awarded, an additional safety briefing will also have to be followed. Only when TRS media representative can present a valid DAPA card will the restricted access for team members be lifted and they will have access to all photo locations along the track, including on race day. In addition, the amount to be paid will expire.

5 Additional information

5.1 Secondary activities

Accredited journalists and photographers are allowed to perform secondary tasks for a race team and/or race driver. However, these secondary tasks must not harm the professionalism and quality of the actual publication (for which accreditation was requested).

5.2 Information photo vests

It is never permitted to pass on a photo vest to another person without permission from Circuit Zandvoort. Photo vests are personal. A deposit of € 20.00 must be paid for each photo vest. Any photographer with a photo vest must adhere to the photo zones. It is the photographer's responsibility to inform themselves of the areas the photographer has access to. In the case of TRS photographers (see article 4), in addition to the deposit (€20.00), the TRS media fee of €30.00 will also have to be paid.

5.3 TV and camera crews

Depending on the subject that is central to the recordings, television channels and recording teams may qualify for a photo vest, with which they can make recordings along the track. Camera interviews should be recorded outside the media center, unless permission has been requested. Video recordings with drones are not allowed, for safety reasons, unless the relevant camera crew can provide sufficient reasons here and can submit written documents showing that the driver is professional and is in possession of the correct documents for both the drone and the drone. operating it. Any permits must also be requested in good time from the government authorities. Finally, a sufficiently covering liability insurance must apply.

5.4 Radio reporters
Delegates of a radio station are not eligible for a photo vest. After a race, radio journalists are allowed to interview the podium finishers briefly in the Media Centre. Other interviews must be recorded outside the Media Centre, unless permission has been requested.

5.5. Workplaces

Workplaces in the Media Center are reserved for representatives of recognized (and accredited) media. Only when there are sufficient free workplaces, media representatives of teams, drivers and/or sponsors can use facilities such as internet and wireless access. In order to use a workplace, permission must be requested at the desk of the Media Center.

5.6 Accreditation Limit

Each event has an accreditation limit (maximum number of media tickets). An accreditation application can therefore be rejected, even if the application is submitted on time. Holders of an NVJ, NSP or DAPA card have priority if the accreditation limit is almost reached, provided they have a valid assignment for the event.

5.7 Accessibility Media Centre
The Media Center is only accessible to holders of a media card for the relevant event. PR staff and TRS media have short-term access to the Media Center, provided permission has been requested. Immediately after a race, the first finishers of a race class are available in this room to meet the media representatives. The Media Center is essentially a workspace. Persons under the age of 18 have basically no access to this space and are not eligible for accreditation.

5.8 Media Information Document

For many events, photographers are provided with a safety briefing. The safety briefing may vary per event and will be sent to the accredited's personal email address. Although the sample document is in Dutch, the other documents will usually be sent in English. It is the responsibility of the accredited party to ensure that any matters are also clear in their own language.

5.9 Withdrawal of media accreditation or media pass

CM.com Circuit Zandvoort has the right to cancel already promised accreditations at any time, without giving any reason. Unprofessional behavior before, during or after the accreditation procedure, as well as the event, can also lead to the revocation of the accreditation (and withholding of future accreditations). A legal claim to accreditation is not possible. Also, based on previous accreditations (regardless of event, circuit or organization), no rights can be derived for future accreditations. Submitting an application does not guarantee that accreditation will be granted. Media representatives should be aware of this before submitting an application. In addition, they should understand that an accreditation for a previous event is not a guarantee of being accredited for subsequent events.

6 Winter endurance series 2022-2023

The Winter Endurance Series races are organized by Circuit Zandvoort in collaboration with the DNRT Foundation. Because not all DNRT photographers and journalists have a valid national press card, it has been decided to adjust some accreditation criteria. Please note: these accreditation criteria only apply to the Winter Endurance Series 2022-2023 events. The rules below are in addition to the already existing accreditation criteria.

6.1 Submitting an application for media accreditation

For all applications, you must use the online accreditation form. If the WES event cannot yet be selected, you can use the “comment” box to indicate for which event accreditation is requested.

6.2 Deadline

The application for media accreditation must be submitted no later than 8 working days prior to the event

6.3 Particulars and exceptions with regard to accreditation criteria

These adjusted criteria only apply if the applicant (who will perform photography or videography) also has valid and sufficiently covering insurance (including disability coverage), or where the client has taken out this insurance for the applicant.

6.3.1 NGRJ Press Card

The NGRJ press card will also be accepted as a press card, provided a clear assignment description is submitted with the application. Stock photography is not a valid assignment. If photo access is desired, the NGRJ press card holder will receive a photo vest with limited access to the circuit, unless the description of the assignment deems full photo access necessary.

6.3.2 Media representatives without press card

If a valid press card (NGRJ, NVJ, NSP, DAPA, AIPS or other international press card) cannot be presented, a written request must be submitted regarding the application. In this written request, matters such as the client, personal data and motorsport experience must be described in more detail. Submitting a written request does not guarantee the actual award of media accreditation. Submissions can only be made by e-mail: media@circuitzandvoort.nl.

6.3.3 Chamber of Commerce

An extract from the Chamber of Commerce is not required.

6.3.4 Internet media: Publicity & press releases

Websites must have published all WES press releases on the website and rewritten them in their own words. Simply copying the text from the press release and posting it as an article on the website is not enough to qualify for a media card. Partial copying and posting of the press release is only permitted, provided the article also includes its own journalistic contribution. Of course, a press release may also be placed, provided that some of your own journalistic messages are placed before, during or after the event.

6.3.5 Internet media: visitors

A minimum number of 900 unique visitors per day applies to websites.

6.3.6 Conditions for TRS media

Team photographers must work for at least three different race teams or at least seven race cars. They must demonstrate this by means of supporting documents that must be submitted by e-mail prior to the event.

6.4 Collection of photo vests

It is not possible to obtain a photo vest without prior (timely) request and confirmation. Applications without a clear photography assignment will be considered as an application for written journalism.

6.5 Adjusted accreditation limit

Due to unforeseen circumstances, e.g. weather influences or other factors that may affect working safely at Circuit Zandvoort, it is possible that a modified accreditation limit applies for WES events.

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