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Medical service

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At Circuit Zandvoort safety on track comes first. Various measures have been taken to minimize the risk of an accident. Should an accident or incident unfortunately take place at the racetrack, the medical service of Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg will take action.

Medical centre

The emergency services of Circuit Zandvoort's medical service work from the brand new and advanced Medical Center that was developed in 2020 on the circuit site near the inside of the Arie Luyendykbocht.

The Medical Center at the circuit is highly regarded and has six full medical beds, an advanced treatment room and a narcotics control room.

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There is also a video connection between the medical center and race control. The emergency services can quickly estimate the impact of an accident via the video images and adjust the medical deployment accordingly.

The medical center is fully equipped by QRS Healthcare with highly professional medical equipment. The layout and design of the medical center also fully complies with the guidelines of the FIA and the KNAF.

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Medical Partner

For medical services, including ambulance care on the race track, Circuit Zandvoort has appointed Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg as Medical Partner.

Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg provides medical services on the circuit for all events that are organized at Circuit Zandvoort. The total medical team consists of sixty employees. The daily size and composition of the medical team depends on the type of event being organized on the race track. The medical team has various specialists such as doctors, ambulance nurses, ambulance drivers and its own extrication team. This team has very specialized knowledge and skills to be able to act as adequately as possible during a race and to get the drivers out of a vehicle as quickly and safely as possible. All care professionals of Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg are specially trained by the KNAF to be able to properly apply their medical knowledge within the special and sometimes complex and risky conditions of motorsport.

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Witte Kruis evenementenzorg

Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg is the largest ambulance service and acute care provider in the Netherlands and stands for very high quality assistance and first aid at events and festivals. For its first aid and medical assistance, Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg deploys specialized ambulance nurses, doctors and first aiders who work in accordance with the recently established field standard Event Care at events and festivals. Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg is the preferred Medical Supplier of the Knac Dutch Motorsport Federation (KNAF).

More information?

More information about first aid or medical assistance during events, sports competitions and festivals? Visit the website of Witte Kruis Evenementenzorg via the button below.

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