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Officials Club Automobielsport

Essential since 1962

Seeing races from the dunes or the grandstand is an experience in itself. The smell of burnt rubber, the sparks flying from under cars… it remains a unique experience that cannot be experienced at home on TV.

The officials of the OCA sit on the first ring at the racing events. They can almost touch the cars. Race fans who are looking for an extra challenge and have a high sense of responsibility can sign up as an official.

Motorsports is a spectacular sport, but it is also a sport in which safety is of high importance. After all, no races can be held without safety and people who guarantee safety. To secure the safety on track, CM.com Circuit Zandvoort works together with the volunteers of the Officials Club Automobielsport. This makes the races pleasant and safe.

Several different tasks

The Officials Club Automobielsport, OCA for short, consists of hundreds of enthusiastic members. Most of these members are active as flag marshals. They stand at the track posts along the track and work together on the security of the track section with an observer. They communicate with the drivers with flag signals when, for example, there is danger or an overtaking action. There are also rescue marshals. These are specially trained people who will be the first on the scene with the rescue vehicles to provide assistance. Other OCA members are active as starting officials. They assign the riders their starting place and check for a false start. Finally, there are the paddock marshals. They focus on safety in the pit lane and the paddock.

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Get closer to motor sports

The club has a pleasant club life with many fun activities outside the race program in the clubhouse called OCA Plaza. New officials receive excellent training and will be continuously coached by experienced colleagues throughout the season. Official work is best mastered by doing it a lot in practice. If racing yourself is not feasible, then the OCA is the perfect alternative to be active in motorsport. You can't get any closer to the sport!

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