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Since its inception in 1991, Intersettle has grown into a leading partner in temporary accommodations. The company is constantly evolving, and changes in the market have led to further expansion of its services. In addition to event accommodations, Intersettle focuses on turn-key delivery of temporary accommodations. Intersettle continues to develop in order to seamlessly align its services with the requirements and demands of the market, while maintaining trusted quality and professionalism.


More and more clients, partners, and suppliers choose to engage in sustainable business practices. Opting for Intersettle's temporary accommodations is also a sustainable choice. After completing a project, all materials are returned to Beverwijk and Recklinghausen, where they are reused in the construction of the next project. Additionally, Intersettle is a partner of WoodYouCare, an admirable initiative that offers individuals and companies a simple and transparent way to contribute to greening the world by planting trees. Through our contribution, WoodYouCare is able to support a large-scale tree-planting project in Indonesia. On behalf of Intersettle, a thousand trees were planted there by the end of 2022.

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As a partner towards the future

Progress takes teamwork. That is why we like to work together at Circuit Zandvoort. Strategically towards the future: become a supplier, use the circuit as a field lab or become a partner at an event. Naturally, a partnership offers fixed advantages. Together we look at which collaboration fits best.

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