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InMotion is a team consisting of more than 50 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys Hogescholen from Eindhoven. InMotion wants to accelerate the energy transition within mobility by making charging electric cars as fast as refueling a petrol or diesel car, removing the barrier for many to drive electric.

At the beginning of 2022, the InMotion student team extended the partnership with Circuit Zandvoort. The InMotion Revolution is an LMP3 car that uses Electric Refueling and can be recharged within 4 minutes. That makes the Revolution the fastest rechargeable race car in the world. Circuit Zandvoort serves as a field lab for the Brabant team.

02 07 22 In Motion Jerome Wassenaar
02 07 22 In Motion 2 2 Jerome Wassenaar
02 07 22 In Motion 3 2 Jerome Wassenaar
Cmcom circuit zandvoort inmotion 0006 DSC 0586
Cmcom circuit zandvoort inmotion 0003 HGP2022 Mick Kok 179
Cmcom circuit zandvoort inmotion 0004 HGP2022 Mick Kok 178
Cmcom circuit zandvoort inmotion 0005 HGP2022 Mick Kok 183
Cmcom circuit zandvoort inmotion 0002 EV Experience 2022 2 Daan Kalksma 01907
Cmcom circuit zandvoort inmotion 0000 DSC 0614
Cmcom circuit zandvoort inmotion 0001 DSC 0610
Red Bull Lounge CM com Circuit Zandvoort Max Verstappen 0006 9


As a partner towards the future

Progress takes teamwork. That is why we like to work together at Circuit Zandvoort. Strategically towards the future: become a supplier, use the circuit as a field lab or become a partner at an event. Naturally, a partnership offers fixed advantages. Together we look at which collaboration fits best.

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