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Mascot International A/S

Customised Workwear Launch Event

At the start of February Mascot International organised the Customised Workwear Launch Event at which invitees got a presentation about the new work clothing. They enjoyed an extensive day of activities.

The event of Mascot started with a reception and a delicious lunch. The reception was followed by a presentation about the workwear of Mascot. After that there was an activity session in the pit boxes, with simulator racing and de pitbox experience. The activities were concluded with a guided tour on the track. To finish the day there were some delicious bites and drinks.

Details event -


Customised Workwear Launch Event


Mascot International A/S

Date event

1st of February 2023

Amount of guests

260 guests


Dutch Grand Prix Lounge, Founders lounges and pit boxes

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