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Datto - Partner Racing Day

The Event Company organised the Partner Racing day for Datto with the theme Accelerate. An event where the partners of Datto Benelux were able to experience Circuit Zandvoort for a day during a well-filled program with many racing components.

The Datto Partner Racing Day started early in the day with a reception in the Dutch Grand Prix Lounge. After coffee and a briefing, the guests set out in groups on the circuit. The program consisted of a number of main components: a slip course at BMW Driving Experience, Simulator racing, pit box challenges and of course a track programme. All guests could choose to take on the track in a Porsche 911 or a Formula 3 car. During the day, the Dutch Grand Prix Lounge was the home base for some relaxation, good food and drinks and to get to know the network of partners. Robert Doornbos also gave a number of presentations on innovation and Formula 1 during the day. The event ended with delicious drinks, bites and an extensive BBQ. The after party on the beach continued into the wee hours at Beach Club Bernies.

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Datto Partner Racing Day


The Event Company

Date event

29th of July 2021

Amount of guests

Approx. 400 guests


Dutch Grand Prix Lounge, pitboxes, Paddock 2, BMW Driving Experience and Racesquare

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